>A Cold Day in OZ- countdown to new roof

>So its freezing, not that I am complaining, I hate hot weather and you can always put more clothes on but, you can only take so many off.  Not everyone in the house is so thrilled that the weather is finally cooler.  In about 10 days we will be having our roof torn off and completely rebuilt.  This normally wouldn’t be a big deal but this particular house has some “pre-existing conditions” (which is my new favorite phrase and I’ll get into that later.
Because we live in a small town and are within 300 feet of a historic building, our local codes require that any changes to the outside appearance must be approved by the city and state. This is where the fun starts.
Our house was built in 1890. It is a Brick Italianate Victorian (which we just learned that is historically, at least architectually. When we submitted the original plans for the roof everyone thought it would be approved and we could move right along.
NOT.  We ended up being visited by the state historical society architect and historian, along with the city building engineer.  They would like us to preserve the house and get it on the historical registry.
Okay so the 25% tax credit for being on the registry is nice, but by doing it their way it’s also about $10,000 more that just fixing the roof.
But if we don’t do it their way they won’t approve the plans- doesn’t seem like much of choice to me. Guess what we will be restoring the house. While all of this loveliness is going on I started having alot of pain in my abdomen. Doctors had no Idea what it was and my insurance didn’t want to pay for any tests citing “pre-exsiting conditions” since i am still in the waiting period.  Finally after 3 weeks of harrassing Them (the merry sunshine staff from the insurance company), I had a sonogram and CT scan.  Results???  Not a damn thing wrong with me 🙂 However the pain is still there and getting worse. So While the doctor’s scratch their…. mmmm let’s just say heads (although that’s not what I really think), We’ll just start guessing because They (ins co) won’t approve any more tests. We’ll treat for ulcers & see how it goes.  Meanwhile, its getting colder and I don’t feel like not having a roof while I run the furnace, the gas bill has no trouble getting as high as the mortgage payment- even if we just keep it set at 66 degrees. Gives new meaning to ‘heating the whole neighborhood.
So I guess I have raved long enough this morning I really should go start fixing the raving hords (my kids) lunch before they riot.

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