>An Interesting day

>Today should prove to be interesting.  The roofing guy, Chris, is coming by so we can sign the contract and get a start date pinned down.  That is hopefully after I get back from taking the boys to speech & then the library. Sometime we need to make a walmart run or the superhero won’t have face paint for Saturday’s parade.
Sam (the dog) is in quite the little mood today. Even after getting her a box with stuff just for her to play with, she still insists on chewing shoes and socks. But not my socks only the guys’.  I wonder why that is??  maybe my feet just don’t stink enough for her lol.
We think we have nailed down the colors for the outside of the house. Typical victorian’s had between 5 & 7 colors on the outside.  Right now we have 3 and they are ugly. so we’ll see what we can do.  The corbel’s will all have to come down and we will have to find someone that can replicate them, I imagine that will cost an arm and at least 2 legs. 

Hate the new diet (one can only eat so much salad) & especially that I can only seem to manage to suck down 1 1/2 cups of coffee before it makes me so sick I can’t drink anymore.  I miss meat. I have been dreaming of steak.  Last night it was a huge sizzling steak that was following me everywhere. Still having the pain on the left side & the idiots at the insurance co are still sitting around thinking about whether or not they will allow a gastroscope.

Okay done with that bit of bitching 🙂  Time to go get everyone dress and out the door. 
Have  good morning!

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