>I am so F***ing Frustrated!  The doctors still have no F***ing idea whats going on.  Its now been 2 months with constant pain.  First it was ulcers & my gallbladder but the CT scan and ultrasound were negative for any inflamation/stones or blockage on my gallbladder.  All blood tests have come back normal- with the exception of my liver (but those low levels are from anemia & lack of protein- which isn’t surprising since I can’t eat!!! & have lost 28 pounds since this started)  The Gastroscope showed no ulcers, but did show inflamation in my stomach.  Now the doctor wants to do a nuclear scan & exploratory surgery.  He still thinks it is my gallbladder. He also thinks that scar tissue (adhesions) is so severe that I will need a complete hysterectomy.  The exploratory surgery is the 29th- what a way to screw up the holidays!  Hanuakkah is the 1st of december.  This sucks!!!!!!!!!

The doctor is “concerned” that he won’t be able to see anything because of all of the scar tissue.  IF that is the case then he wants to just gut me and get it over with.  I can see his point but really I don’t need a 5-8 week recovery time.  I can’t be out of commission that long with my kids.  My husbands parents can’t take the boys- their health is horrible.  My husband can’t take any more vacation till after January.  I really hope we can avoid the big surgery.  I don’t want to go through menopause the hard way, right now. 

And just to put some icing on the cake – the roofers still have not started on the roof yet!  We actually got a couple of snow flakes yesterday!!!!.

Holy F***ing Monkey Poo!

Where is the scarecrow & that damn wizard when you need them!

At least I can drink coffee again.

Stay tuned- I am sure there will be more cussing šŸ™‚   but other than all of the above- everything is fine and lovely šŸ™‚


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