>Well Alrighty then!

>Well its been quite a morning & its only 8:30am!  The dog got loose and ran all over the neighborhood dragging part of her chain (the 4th one she has broken) its rated for 250lbs – bullshit!  she only weights 49 pounds and while she is very strong and a pitt bull- this is getting a bit stupid.
So, there I was.. looking like a crazy person- in my pajamas (which of course didn’t match) & slipper chasing the dog.  No wonder she ran from me- when we came back and I looked in a mirror- I scared myself.  Hair all wild and
standing up all over the place.  Scary.   Finally caught her by playing ball with the neighbor’s dog (that really pissed Sam off- so of course she came over to intervene lol).  Only problem is that now everyone in the neighborhood knows exactly how bad I look in the morning.  All of this by 7:30am

Meanwhile,  Since my darling husband had to work this morning, he and the boys were in the living room waiting not very patiently for breakfast & coffee. 
Of course everyone wanted something different.  Sorry guys- your grandma doesn’t live here!  I will fix one breakfast you can either eat it and be thrilled that you got it or you can do without. 

With Sam caught- boys happily eating & the big one drinking coffee I finally think that I will be able to sit down a minute and have a cup of coffee myself- NOT.

We have to figure out what colors we are going to paint the soffets & facia, so Bill has to have pictures that he can load on this site to play around with colors.  Of course the pictures have to edited first because I took them in the middle of the day (for the historical society) and the sun caused too many shadows.  Fine..  I did the pictures.  Still want to have a cup of coffee- just need everyone to sit the F*** Down and leave me alone a few minutes- no one should be forced to run before having coffee!

Pictures edited and uploaded- everyone happy- Daddy off to work, boys dressed, Sam caught, cat boxes cleaned, load of laundry started, dishwasher unloaded, floors mopped (this only happened because of course while chasing the dog I must have stepped in every pile of shit in the neighborhood and tracked it in the house). 

Hopefully I can at least finish my coffee before the next round of mayhem!


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