>Blood Bath- Pitt Bull vs. Old Cranky Cat

>Well alrighty then.  Interesting morning – well at least as far as my life is concerned.  Today we will perform surgery on not one but two stuffed animals.  Sometime last night Sam the killer pitt bull decided that the stuffed monkey and the stuffed kitten were threats and needed to be killed.
Apparently it was a horrific battle- stuffing was everywhere.
Elephant (that’s the elephant’s name- my kids are so creative) had his leg completely torn off as well as one ear and most of his tail.  The kitten (named Gracie kitty- after our real cat) is missing one leg and half of her face.  After I have had sufficient coffee we will attempt to reattach limbs and missing parts.  It probably won’t be pretty. 

While this was traumatic for the boys- nothing compares to the bloodbath we came home to Saturday after a not so wonderful excursion to find shoes that fit everyone.

It was the first time Sam had been left alone with all three cats in the house.  Now seeing as Sam is a pitt bull, you kind of have certain expectations on  how she will behave.  We have all heard the rumors.  They are vicious man-killers, fearless, Amazingly strong!.  While she is very strong and has no issues going after dogs that are bigger than her. she has a bizarre issue with mama cat.

She is fascinated with Mama.  Mama is about 18 years old, mean and extremely cranky.  She  doesn’t like to get up.  If she does get up, when she doesn’t want to, someone is going to get hurt.  When I grow up I want to be just like her.

Mama has been pretty tolerate of Sam so far- at least when the cats were outside.  Now they like to hang out in the laundry room.  We have a gate up to keep Sam out of there- but mostly its just a reminder for her seeing as how she can jump anything 4′ high or under with no problem.

We came home to a crying, whining pitt bull, cowering under the coffee table- covered in blood.  After determining that Sam wasn’t in immediate danger of bleeding to death- we followed the blood trail, through the living room into the kitchen  where lower cabinets were smeared with blood.  It was starting to feel like a CSI episode.  In the background both boys are now screaming that Sam is dying, a dragon must have gotten into the house and attacked her- whatever it was they just knew it was something big!.
Still following the blood- I ended up in the laundry room.  It looked like a bad slasher movie had been staged there.  There was blood all over my new washing machine and dryer.  I had a bad feeling that I was going to find a dead cat or three.

I turned the corned and there was Mama cat- calming cleaning herself & purring?????  Okay she was fine- I started looking for the other two.  Found them hiding in the old bathroom.  checked all the cats and none of them had any blood on them.  But there was blood everywhere else.

So I started cleaning up- I should have called in professionals- blood is hard to get off.  Sam’s injuries were pretty minor.  One pierced & mangled ear (still thinking about getting her an ear ring).  Nose bit scratched up, long scratch on her butt (she must have been trying to get away).

After all the blood was cleaned up and the injured treated, I went back to check on the cats.  Sam (being the incredibly intelligent dog she is) followed me back.  But as soon as she saw Mama she dropped on her belly and started slinking & whining.  My pitt bull is terrified of my cat.
I can’t decide if it is funny or really sad.   In her defense, I will say that she is very protective and does get quite aggressive when strangers come to the house- So she is still a good guard dog- and amazing with the boys.  But perhaps we should put up a Beware of Cat sign lol


One thought on “>Blood Bath- Pitt Bull vs. Old Cranky Cat

  1. >I think I should clarify.. I love Sam, we all do- she is the perfect dog for us. She is very gentle and tolerant of the boys (who are not very gentle with her). She does have her quirks, but don't we all.

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