>Protesters, Church Members Briefly Scuffle At Funeral – Kansas City News Story – KMBC Kansas City

>Protesters, Church Members Briefly Scuffle At Funeral – Kansas City News Story – KMBC Kansas City

This is just stupid.  I can understand protesting the war. Fine.  Go ahead but there are alot of other places you can protest.  These funeral protests are very common now. It’s stupid.  These people are protesting at a funeral for someone who died protecting their right to protest. Huh??? Am I the only one who finds this confusing?  A few weeks ago there was a funeral in Weston, Mo that a group of Church members wanted to protest at.  I am not sure if it is the same church group or not.  Anyway, they had to pull a permit, and I am sure within seconds everyone in town knew what these idiots were planning to do.  Weston is a very small community, made up of people who are either veterans, have sons & daughters currently on active duty or have some tie to the military.  It is a very Patriotic Town.
The church groups might have wanted to check out the town first before deciding to stage their little protest their. I am sure a quick drive through town, a glance at all of the signs supporting our military, would have giving them a clue.

I am sure by now you have guessed what happened.  The day of the funeral arrived and the entire town and alot of people from nearby communities showed up at the corner the church was supposed to set up at.

The Church group just left.

Family and Friends were able to say goodbye in peace.


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