>Thunderstorms, Hail & Tornados…..Oh My

>Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  The roofers are getting started on the yankee gutters today and should start the tear off on Monday.  Finally!.  However I wonder if we shall see them today with the forcast being for nasty weather..personally I really wouldn’t want to be crawling around on the roof.

Italianate style victorians typically had 7 different colors.  Right now it only has blue, red and white, most of it faded.  so we will update it, using as many colors as we can.  We like green, red and light yellow (more a beige actually), but that is as many as we can come up with unless we start going with different shades of those colors.  What is red now will stay red since it was orginal.  The nasty gray blue that someone went nuts with will go and will probably be replaced with a dark shade of green.  The gingerbread will  be red (center) and possibly green background , but we still can’t figure out the rest.  It would probably be better is I wasn’t so afraid of color.  I like beige- can’t go wrong with beige 🙂  The stairs on the house will be painted something, but the ones leading up to the house & the sidewalk will be brick.  The crappy pipe handrail will be replaced with a wooden rails on both sides. the maple tree will stay where it is but the bush will come down to the front of the yard.  The yarrow will be moved down as well.


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