>I’m not Crazy..No Really I mean it

>So we have good news and bad.  Surgery went well so I am told.  I suppose it went pretty well from the doctor’s point of view he is going to get to publish papers off of this lol.  Personally I feel as if he beat me for a few hours lol.
Good News- I am not crazy..well at least not in regards to the pain.  It is real, not just in my head (which I was beginning to think.  My Gallbladder apparently looks fine. So what was the problem, you ask?  Exactly what I thought it might be originally, when I was told that it just wasn’t possible.

Adhesions.. Tons of them everywhere and attached to every surface. Just in case you are not sure what I am talking about here is a decent link http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/intestinaladhesions/
So why do I have them?  Previous surgerys seem to be the culprit in my case, and a genetic predisposition to them.

The Adhesions were attached to my gallbladder & stomach and were pulling, whenever I moved or if I ate. So it wasn’t just me.  Any movement  to my stomach like when I would eat would cause pain.  But, on the very, very bright side the dietary restrictions have been lifted  with the exception that I should still stick to the high fiber.  That’s fine as long as I get meat and real food again.  MEAT, I love meat!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Doctor  burned off as many adhesions as he could and would have liked to do more but there were a few complications (I could get really descriptive and it is a bit much information – so I’ll spare you unless you really want to know).  So I need one more very major surgery, here pretty quick and I should be good & virtually pain free for at least a year maybe even a couple of years.

I’ll find out more Monday (6th) when the stitches all come out.  The boys are at Nana & Papa’s for the day and Bill will get them Wednesday morning. 
Now All I have to do is find someone who will come and play part-time mom for very little pay when the next surgery is done.  It will be an 8-12 week recovery and I am pretty sure Papa isn’t going to want to keep them that long lol.  Besides I would miss them too much, I miss them now.

But even with how sore I am right now I do feel alot better.  That nagging sharp, constant pain in my side is gone.  I think what made it worse for me was not knowing what was causing it.  The Doctor was amazed that I hadn’t complained about the other adhesions (pelvic) which were alot worse that the ones he found in my upper abdomen.  Sure that hurts alot too, but I know what that pain is, he told me 2 years ago when he did the last surgery. 
Obvious control issues, but we have talked about that before.  But everything is fine now… I know what is going on. So I can make my little lists, plan my little plans. 

I am sure I will be completely fucking up Christmas, but it doesn’t matter, we only celebrate it because of me and only because it is a great excuse to watch White Christmas, No religious reason, just because I think that the idea of Santa Clause is cool and all kids should get to believe in magic and goodness for as long as they can..

Alrighty then, pain pill must have kicked in I can see I am starting to drift get all philosophical so I’ll go lay down and read for a bit.


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