>Still Alive… It’s FRIDAY!!!!

>What a week (aren’t they all)!  No Roofers!  They still haven’t showed and I do understand that it has been a little cold but please let’s just get this done already before we get an ice storm or blizzard.  Having the boys home has been nice, painful at times but nice. Although I was starting to enjoy some of the talk shows.  Wendy Williams is too funny love her & the new show The Talk is alot better than the view, which I used to like.
Anyway, I have got to see Horton Hears a Who- loved it!, Thomas the Train- Great Discovery- pretty good loved hearing Pierce Brosnan narrate and of course Toy Story 3- but I didn’t actually watch all of that but I am sure its great.  Pretty pissed off that papa went and rented it for the boys.  That movie was their 2nd big Hanukkah present (after the train set).  Whatever, they still like it.

The Train Table….  what a flipping awesome idea!!!  We usually don’t get them expensive presents, and this wasn’t all that bad. But it seemed like a good idea since where Aden has speech they have one and both the boys love it.
Bill set it up in their room Tuesday.  We thought that they probably wouldn’t see it till bedtime Wednesday.  They actually found it Wednesday about an hour before dinner.  We had a hard time getting them to come down and eat and open more presents lol.  They opened presents and went right back up to play with it.  Got up in the morning and started playing, didn’t want to eat breakfast, which is odd for them since they normally start screaming for breakfast about 5:30am.  Evan was up there all day.  Same thing this morning.  Our only issue is that they keep getting up at night to play with. lol    So I have had at least a little bit to rest.  It was a great investment:)

Mommy didn’t do so bad on presents so far!  I did get The Prophecy 1,2 & 3.  LOVE Those movies 🙂

Slight change in plans as far as Christmas goes.  It will just be us.  Nana & Papa have decided not to come over (I think the combo of the Dog and the boys is just to much for Papa to handle).  So we have packed up those presents and Papa’s Birthday presents to take tonight, since I doubt we’ll be seeing them for a few months.

Still trying to find a “part-time Mom” to come and help after the next surgery.  pretty hard to do.  Who wants to play mom and do all the stuff that entails with just a little more pay than mom’s usually get…which is nada.  Well hopefully I’ll find someone.

The pain is better to day, still really sore.  It doesn’t help that Evan kicked me really hard yesterday after dinner.  I made the mistake of trying to get a piece of spinach off the floor that he dropped.  I couldn’t leave it, the dog doesn’t like fresh spinach. So since I was bent over right in front of him, he apparently couldn’t resist.  That dropped me completely to the floor.  Aden started yelling “you killed mommy, she’s gonna be dead now!  who’s gonna make us food now”.  Nice to know that they love me so much and appreciate all the little things I do lol.  But being Gabes, Food is very important.

Hope I can just get through today/tonight.  Bill is home thru Sunday so I will have some help, but I must say the boys were overall very good.  They picked up after themselves, cleaned up after dinner and dressed themselves after bath.  And no one even asked me to pick them up.  So it wasn’t too bad.  There was no sitting down after Bill left, but that was to be expected. 


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