>Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

>I love coffee.  I am just one of those people.  I don’t drink it all day.  I used to, now I am down to 1 1/2 or maybe 2 cups in the morning.  I love and NEED those cups of coffee.  This little face cannot be stressed enough.  Even the boys are aware that mommy is Satan until she’s had at least 1 cup. They are very aware that giving me grief before I have finished, in peace, that cup will result in everyone having a very, very bad morning.
That being said, I woke up to the wonderful smell of flavored coffee this morning.  The boys also know that it is not wise to try and get mommy out of bed if you can’t smell coffee.  The smell of coffee means its safe.  Last night at the big Hanukkah bash Bill and I both got those little 1 pot bags of flavored coffee, so I put one up for this morning.  Kahlua French Vanilla.  Sounds good right.  NOT! It’s hideous.  My coffee is ruined.  Bill will probably like, so I won’t dump it, but man its a bit funky for my taste lol.  It is probably me I usually love anything vanilla flavored. 
Anyway, the boys made quite a haul last night! We barely got everything in the car.  They got their pillow pets!  they really wanted those.  They got of stuff and I didn’t really get to see most of what they got because by the time we got around to opening presents I was pretty much stuck in my chair.  This was because towards the end of dinner, Evan decided to run up behind my chair and punch me, with both fists on both sides.  He’s small but packs quite a punch.  I thought I was going to pass out lol.
Dinner was wonderful, the gravy divine, the latkas perfect and the brisket tender and tasty.  All in all, a typical meal cooked by the awesome Fran who makes everything awesome!.
The present that surprised me the most was a children’s book, given by (and this the boys name) Miss Aunt Andy…ah  You have to actually hear them say it, its pretty funny.  Anyway, she got them Chanukah Lights.  Which is just a little simple  children’s book nothing all together special about the book, except its supposed to be wonderful for their age group.  What is special about this book is that for the last 3 months I have been trying to get my hands on a copy.  Our local library has exactly 2 Hanukkah books so we have had to use the inter library loan service and get from bigger library’s like Overland park, etc.  I have had this book on hold for 3 months, still have not read it, so mommy was thrilled I think the boys will really like it.  The children’s librarian highly recommended it for the boys. So I am thrilled!!!.

It was wonderful to see Aunt Andy..ah  & Uncle Phil, who was only a year ago Dunkle Phil.  Speech is working.  We were missing a very important family member who was being held hostage at Walmart.. but that’s another story.  He was missed!!!!!  I hate it when you only get to see people once or twice a year.  Everyone should move closer to me šŸ™‚  It would be so much simpler.

The boys are funny.  They are convinced that Uncle Phil is related to Papa (but they can’t tell you how) and Aunt Andy..ah is related to Nana (she could be daddy’s other sister.. they are still working that out).

Now for hopefully a nice Saturday.  I would wish for quiet and peaceful, but that won’t happen.  But there are some good college football games on and more R.A. Salvatore books waiting at the library.  And yes I did read all 7 books I checked out last week.  Finished the last one yesterday.    Will off to start some laundry and go out and see what kind of mess the raccoon we discovered on our porch last night made.  It was a big raccoon.


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