>The Rematch- Pitt Bull vs Old, Mean & Fat Cat

>I am so glad my cat can’t talk.  I would not want to hear anything she has to say right now.
We set all 3 cats up in the laundry room so they would have someplace to get away from Sam the overly-excited 50 pound puppy:)  That didn’t work out so well.  First, the door opens out.  So the cats can push it open but Sam couldn’t open it.  Well that was how it was supposed to work.
What actually happened was, between the boys and Bill, they made sure the door was open. So, of course Sam kept going in there.  Finally, We just let the 2 younger cats (only 8 years old), Gracie and Monkey out.  They are considerably more happy now.  That just leaves Mama.  Who really doesn’t care to be bothered by anyone or anything.  Sometimes though, when she is feeling extremely giving, she might let you pet her, maybe.

This is the cat that when we were still in Florida, we saw her jump a 4 foot chain link fence, to go after a full size Boxer.  Granted, he wasn’t the nicest of dogs, but didn’t do anything but look at her.  Poor Thing.. he lived of course, but just wasn’t the same after that.  I think having your butt kicked by a cat is a bit bad for the ego.  She was a mere 10-12 pounds back then.

The boys and I recently read a funny book book about an old dog and a fat cat.  Basically the dog was old the cat was fat.  The old dog couldn’t chase the fat cat.  You get the basic idea.  That gave me an idea for my own children’s book.  It would go like this.

The dog is young.
The cat is old.
The dog is not being smart.
The cat is extremely fat.
The dog is happy.
The cat is cranky.
The dog wants to play.
The cat doesn’t want to get up.
The dog barks and yips happily.
The fat cat growls one time (just as a warning)
The dog jumps up and down happily.
The fat old cat, shreds the dog.. again
The young dog, runs away and hides under the coffee table.
The old, fat cat , who never even got up, licks her butt and takes a nap.
The End

I just need an illustrator.  I think its a good story.  Terry (my editor with the endless supply of red ink)  would have alot of fun with this one. 
But I think for my first attempt at a children’s story, its pretty good 🙂 


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