>HooRay….Stitches out today!!!

>At approximately 2pm today I will get these stitches out!  I can’t wait.  They are driving me nuts.  They started itching Friday, most of yesterday I spent plotting to take them out myself, well I plotted when I wasn’t breaking up fights.  About 2:30 am, Evan decided he wanted to cuddle and jumped in the bed.  I mean literally jumped on the bed, wouldn’t have been much of an issue except that I was between him and the bed.  He landed right on my stomach.  It was mind-blowing, horrible, tons of other adjectives.  I am convinced now he is trying to kill me.  Only 3 stitches actually pulled.  That is a really funky feeling.  Anyway, I’ve been awake since then, which is actually good because I was having a very strange dream about Jerry Springer and the Cat in the Hat (cartoon version).  I won’t get into details, but it was very disturbing and I think I need counseling now.

I am actually looking forward to seeing the Dr. today.  I think most of it is that I am not imagining this pain and there is a way to at least fix it temporarily.  Right now I’ll take any relief I can get.
The only issue is when he is going to do it.
Do we try and wait after the first of the year so Bill can take his vacation and get paid?  If we do that we have meet the deductible again.
If we do it before the end of the year, we don’t have to worry about the deductible, but Bill has no vacation time left.  His company will allow him to go ahead and take his vacation for next year now if he needs to but he won’t get paid for it till next year. 
The other issue is taking care of the boys. If we figure I will be in the hospital (the dr. says 4-5 days) 2-3 days (I hate staying in hospitals as soon as I can walk I am gone).  Bill would have to take off unless we can find someone to move in.  His hours don’t allow for him to be with the boys much on days he has to work. Then we are looking at (dr. says 8-12 weeks) 3-4 weeks recovery.  8-12 weeks would be nice, its just not going to happen.  He said for this surgery it would be a 2 week recovery.  ROFL  it was more like 36 hours.


I don’t want to give the impression that I am a neat freak and my house is immaculate.  It is far from it.  But guess what?  I was the last person to vacuum, mop, dust and do laundry.  So at this point the only way to clean this house is with a shovel or preferably a match. 
But at least we all have clean underwear (running a bit low on socks though lol). 
I think the problem is mostly my own fault.  Apparently I don’t act like I hurt.  But what does whining about it accomplish really??  No one listens to me anyway, me whining would be a waste of breath.
Besides I have this site to whine on.

I guess we will have to wing it.  Somehow things tend to work out, we do have a girl that will come over as much as she can to help me with boys.  What I need is a nanny/housekeeper/cook/referee/dog sitter/cat box cleaner  how should I write the ad for that?

“Wanted:  Someone to do all the stuff I have to do for little or no pay.  No Breaks, No time off, No benefits, no appreciation.  Must be available 24/7.”

I really just want to be off these pain pills.  I don’t like taking them.  So, my only option is to let the Dr. gut me now.  But, the downside is, I’ll be in the boat in about 2 years.  So, another surgery.  And another. And so on for the rest of my life, unless someone, somewhere comes up with a permanent solution that doesn’t involve death.  I believe this fits the definition of conundrum.

At least I have coffee 🙂 


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