>Update :)

>The stitches are gone & I am happy!!!  After seeing way to many horribly gross pictures of my uterus & various other female parts, the end is in sight.  Actually, there will be no ‘winging it’.  I can completely plan everything out.

Dr. T  removed as many of the adhesions as he could get to and put in barriers to prevent them from growing back as fast.  Both Bill and I completely misunderstood him.  Me because I was just waking up and under the influence of many wonderful ‘I don’t care’ drugs and Bill because he was traumatized from seeing the pictures.

Next step..  Wait a week or two and see how I feel.  If the pain comes back in my gallbladder area then he will take it out.  If it doesn’t, then we can assume that the pain was just from the adhesions and the problem is temporarily solved.   Then it is up to me when he does the next big surgery and separates the organs and does the hysterectomy. To be clear, the organs involved are stomach, uterus & bladder they are all fused together and stuck to my abdominal wall.    But, he said while some of the pain will be gone there will still be a good amount just not as bad as before. He found tons of varicose veins all over my pelvic area and those are going to be the main cause of the pain now. That can be fixed.  I can deal with that.  We may be able to hold off till next year lol  I love saying that this time of year and all issues about childcare will be taken care of.  Bill can take vacation and we can have someone come in and help him when needed.
***Big, huge sigh of relief..****

And as a bonus I can continue to lay/sit on the couch for at least another week per Dr.’s orders.  Well I will try to as much as possible the boys on the other hand usually have other ideas.
I feel so much better mentally and physically.  Just knowing that I am not crazy, that there is a legitimate reason for this pain, makes all the difference.

It probably helps that I love my surgeon.  He has been really great and understanding.  He didn’t blow me off.  He said he was very glad that he was insistent with the insurance company that he go in and actually look.  If he hadn’t removed the adhesions when he did, I would be looking at some major complications.  He even apologized that he was wrong in saying I couldn’t have adhesions that high up.  So awesome doctor.

Whats left is to do some research on how to best handle the actual problems.  The uterus is toast inside and out, so that really needs to go.  My stomach issues won’t go away until its free & I would really like my bladder to work properly.  I haven’t been pregnant in a while, it would be nice to stop having to pee every 15 minutes lol.  The veins present a bit of a problem.  Doing the hysterectomy won’t fix that. But there is a procedure called Embolization that I am looking into and will talk to the doctor about to see if that might be an option.  What I am reading so far is not really promising as far as surgical removal of everything.  It appears that recovery is prolonged and may not even work.  So we will see.

Right now I feel better, still sore but now how sore I am makes alot more sense lol he did alot more than I thought he did.

So we’ll see. 

“The only way housework could be done in this place was with a shovel or, for preference, a match.

— (Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad)


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