>So I am having pain again – upper right quadrant- gallbladder area again.  But I can’t tell if it is just sore left over from removing the adhesions there or if the pain is my gallbladder.  I am hoping it is just sore and left over pain.  Its not a sharp pain, it’s more dull and kinda throbbing.  Hard to explain.  Dr. Says it will take a few weeks, he did do alot and it wasn’t a very gentle surgery.  It better be left over pain.  As much as I really like my Doctor, he is really spending way to much time poking around in my gut 🙂 

Last Night of Hanukkah last night!  Aden did a good job lighting all the candles, almost by himself.  He is also getting pretty good at the prayer, The English version.  His speech teacher thinks that adding in another language may hurt him as far as what he has learned so far.  I have to kind of disagree there.  He is working on hard K sounds- you can’t beat the selection of hard K sounds in Hebrew!  oh well we’ll work on it for next year. 

Anyway, on the 7th night Evan got to light the candles and he wanted to take pictures.  He did a really nice job!  It must be the angle lol.

Now everyone is gearing up for the fat man in the red suit.  The boys for some reason are worried that Santa won’t know exactly what they really want, not like Hanukkah Harry who did an outstanding job this year.  I wonder how he knew 😉
I don’t think they should worry so much about Santa. While he won’t be bringing as many presents, because Hanukkah Harry went crazy at Nana & Papa’s, Santa is going for quality 🙂 
I think one of the reasons they aren’t quite as excited about Christmas is they know that I am going to force everyone to watch White Christmas on Christmas Eve.  So, I have a little thing for Bing Crosby.  I watched it every year with my Grandma & they will all watch it with me for as long as they live here and I am alive to make them 🙂 

Bill has at least gotten used to it and doesn’t even make faces anymore.  He did get me Miracle on 34th Street as a Hanukkah gift, so maybe he wants me to mix it up a bit.  I’ve never seen it, because I have been busy watching White Christmas!  I know Christmas themed gifts for Hanukkah sounds a bit weird.  But, I also got Christmas kitchen towels and pot holders.  May seem weird but since Hanukkah is usually before Christmas, I think it makes sense.


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