>Our House must be Haunted!

>Okay so I do realize that this post should have been done around Halloween, but things weren’t quite as interesting then.  Things have definitely come to a head.

So we live in one of the most haunted cities in America, without a doubt the most haunted city in Kansas, but if you’ve ever been to Kansas that isn’t really saying much.  Tons of ghosts here.  We even have a trolley tour you can take to visit alot of the haunted houses & places.  We’ve been featured on the Travel channel & other programs featuring our lovely haunted little town.

I do really love this little town.  It’s very cute.  However, if for some reason a few ghosts have decided to move in to my house, they need to stop being so lazy and actually help out around here!

I do like those ghost hunting shows.  Well actually I only like one, the one with the plumbers.  I haven’t watched many shows, but I love it when they say, ‘Hey no ghosts, but your pipes are all old & creaky”.  They probably haven’t said that exactly, but you get the general idea.

Our house, as I have mentioned before was built in 1890.  It is an Italianate style brick Victorian.  I love my house.  I have the original claw foot tub.  It is almost 6 foot long.  I can actually lay in it and float if I want to.  The boys swim in it.  I love my tub.  It was a deciding factor, for me, in buying this house.

I know, quit babbling and get on with haunted stuff. 
So, it’s like this.  This house is full of odd noises and strange happenings.  Some of the things are just bizarre.

Here are a few examples some can be easily explained. 
When we moved in we had the house inspected.  We used our own guy for the structural etc stuff and just used the local realtor’s pest guy.  The house is and was very structurally sound.  When they built houses back then, it was such a pain in the ass, they didn’t want to have to ever do it again.  The tub on the 2nd floor was actually put there by mule power.  Yeah, you read that right.  A team of mules hoisted that tub, which is solid cast iron, up to the second floor.  From what we have heard, it was before the roof was put in.  They did that because there is no way to get the tub up the stairs and around the corner.  Can’t be done.  So anyway, the house is solid.  The pest guy did his little inspection and said, “well you had termites, but they are dead now”, after fishing around in some paper work, the house did indeed have termites in the 1940’s but they used some poison which is outlawed now, and all the termites are dead.  Fine, moving right along.  Attic.  Everyone but me and the seller’s realtor stuck their head up to peek in the attic.  ‘looks like you might have (and I quote here) “a couple of squirrels”.  Fine no problem.  We bought the house.
We started hearing noises right after we moved in.  high pitched squeaking sounds.  horrible sounds.  The cats, we had 4 at the time, would just stare at walls and hiss and growl.  Freaky. 
Guess what, spring came around and we were outside at sunset, happened to look at the house and it was like something out of that movie Bats.
OMG.  Bats, not squirrels, people.  Hundreds. No thousands of them all flying out of my house!
I’ll save the rest of the bat story for another time.  But eventually after about 1 1/2 years we did get them relocated.  Yes relocated.  I don’t kill bats, its like spiders I don’t kill those either.
So that explained those noises.  It was all quiet until Aden was about 2 years old and then they started again.
Things would be moved to weird places.  Strange noises and horrible smells would just suddenly ‘be there’.
It has gotten gradually worse over the last 3 years.  Just this morning i walked into the kitchen and there was a box of sandwich bags laying right in the middle of the kitchen floor.  It looked like someone had taken them all out and the shoved them back in the box. Any real person would know that they will never fit in the box again.
It’s like that several times a day.  Things are moved, Drinks spilled, Clean laundry thrown all over a room, Food is found stuck to walls and ceiling in rooms were no one eats.
And the smells!  the most horrible smells, like something from the bowels of hell!.  The smells seem to be concentrated in the living room and bedroom areas.
And I know it wouldn’t be my little angels who are doing these things!  Because I have asked them.  “Did someone fart?”  “it wasn’t me”. Who put these here?”  “I don’t know.”, “Who made this mess?” “I don’t know”.

So, since my boys are such angels and would never lie to me, we must have ghosts that are very poorly behaved. They need to stop causing trouble and start helping out around here!

Their names are I Don’t know & Wasn’t Me.  When I get my hands on them they are so getting a time out!!!


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