>Ah Saturday.  But it is Bill’s Saturday to work, so he is already gone for the day.  But today is only an 11 hour shift so that’s not all that bad.  Still Trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas.  He doesn’t read this 🙂  So far he is getting a couple of movies, The Happening (hope it’s good) he likes that Shalamar person or whatever his name is. There are some more movies but they are already wrapped up so I can’t remember.  The boys got him a flashlight for the car and there is a really cool Timex watch I ordered from Ebay that has a compass on it and is water resistant to 50′.  Not that he will probably ever need the water feature but you never know.  I got it for the compass.  Little joke when we hike.  He insists he knows which direction he is going.  I don’t think so.  I am very good at always knowing where I am and I take a map.  So he will either be happy with the watch or a little irritated lol.  But even though he has the watch, it doesn’t mean he will actually use it.  He has maps in car too and in typical male fashion, I am the only one who actually uses them.  But in his defense he will stop the car  and let me ask for directions.  But usually only after I have asked him several times and then threatened him, which does work but I don’t like to resort to that sort of thing. After all who is really getting punished ;).
So I am still on the hunt for more gifts.  He really wants a floor nailer.  But since I don’t see him redoing the hallway floors before spring/summer, I would rather wait to get that for his birthday.
So its hard to figure out what to get him.  He has plenty of flannel shirts, socks, underwear & jeans.  Maybe I’ll get him some sock hats.  Poor Florida boys still freezes his butt off up here lol.  He would rather melt in the heat & humidity.  Not me, you can only take so many articles of clothing off.

The boys are proving to be a bit difficult too since Nana & Papa went nuts buying Hanukkah presents.  But I think a few more games the board type, hungry hippo etc will work.  Evan really wants a Blues Clues Handy Dandy Notebook & Crayon.  So, I checked Ebay.  As Aden would say “Holy Guacamole!”  They are selling anywhere from $11.99 to $25.00 each not counting shipping!  Its a notebook people.  A small notebook with a red chair on it!  you can get small notebooks at walmart for $.65.  I am not paying that for a notebook!.  We will get several at walmart and glue some red chairs on them, print out some green and blue striped paper and glue that on a crayon.  Taa Daa! 

Once as a kid, I got oranges in my stocking.  Just oranges.  That made up all of Christmas presents that year.  At the time, it was pretty disappointing, even if they were very tasty oranges.  Now I understand that because the local plant had shut down and just about everyone lost their jobs, Santa really just couldn’t afford much that year.  It wasn’t a bad Christmas at all really.
That year, other things  took the place of presents.  Like being allowed to skate on the pond (totally forbidden previously).  There were no actual skates involved.  Just sliding on our shoes and butts mostly.  But it was fun!  We also got pulled on a sled behind the tractor.  There wasn’t alot of snow that year, but dodging the cow patties that the tractor tires kicked up was pretty cool.    I remember it was alot of fun then, but probably not something I would chose to do now.

Yesterday I over did it alot.  It was my first day really being out and about.  We were just going to the grocery store.  I had my list & coupons.  All prepared for shopping for two weeks a groceries.  After spending about 1 hour in that store, we ending up leaving without anything.  I had two carts full at checkout.  The problem?  Aden’s milk.  He gets the lactose free.  They (the grocery store refused to honor our coupons for his milk, because they didn’t have the right size.  Coupon said 1/2 gallon they only had quarts.  They have let us substitute before.  When they wouldn’t this time Bill was pissed off.  He didn’t yell or cuss.  He was quiet and calm and very scary if you know him, you know this is not a good sign.  So we left both full carts and went to Walmart.  I was already tired and sore and my pain pill had worn off and of course I don’t keep them in my purse.  Why would I?  I never go anywhere.
I really dislike buying groceries at Walmart.  Especially produce.  It goes bad fast.  But we did anyway.  I couldn’t get everything we needed but I got a fair amount. 
But by the time we got home I thought I was going to die.  Frozen Pizza to the rescue, so at least I didn’t have to cook lol.  A little rest  and a few pain pills later and I was better by 9 pm.  Note to self, take meds with you when you leave the house 🙂

Should be snow anytime now.  The wind is howling and the temp is steadily dropping.  They are saying wind chills to -15 this evening.. Really are wind chills necessary?  once it hits like 15 degrees can you really tell the difference?  Its just freakin cold.  Its like ‘Heat index’  after 90 degrees its just flipping hot.  I don’t care if it ‘feels like’ 115  I was already too hot at 90.
It’s already cold.  Whether its 32 or less really doesn’t matter to me, its still cold and I’ll just put on more clothes.


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