>Snow, Snow, Snow- Well not really alot

>So we got some snow last night. It snowed all day, but because of the wind it never really hit the ground. We didn’t get alot and its hard to tell exactly how much we did get because the wind still hasn’t died down yet.  So in some places you can still see the ground and in others its about 4-5 inches deep.  So we probably got around an inch or so.  What we did get alot of is cold!  the actual temperature is 10 degrees (Fahrenheit- thought I should add that since I see that people in Croatia & Denmark are reading my blog. Wouldn’t have figured that but thanks).  The weather people say its a wind chill of -10.  Okay I understand their principle of the whole wind chill/heat index crap.  But really, is it necessary?  Once you hit certain temperatures, depending on where you live and what you are used to, there is no point in saying, “its 10 degrees but it feels like 10 below”. No shit.  Its Cold.  We are aware.  Most people, I would hope are smart enough to hear ’10 degrees’ and know that it is a bit chilly and a coat will probably be a good idea.
It’s my own fault really.  I am the one who keeps turning on the TV and watching the weather.  Usually I already know more about it that the forecasters seem to, I have been outside. This morning an unusually cheerful weather person actually suggested that viewers “bundle up those School kids who will be going to school tomorrow morning”.  That was an exact quote.  Now go back and read it again.
You see my problem. Does that mean that the rest of us should wear shorts and a tank top? Where do they get these people? Is there a special school that they need to go to? If so, they must also send sports announcers there too.  There is another group of people that I just don’t understand.  I love football, especially college ball, but have you ever really listened to what the announcers say?  Things like, “well, if they want to win this game, they are going to need to run the ball!”  Really?  Ya think?
But I have found that if Bill’s not home and I do decide to have a game on, I just turn off the sound. It’s pretty easy to see whats going on without hearing the announcers rattle on about stuff that is obvious.  What would be nice is if they would talk about stuff we don’t know.  Like what the ref’s are really discussing.  It can’t be the play every time.  We all saw what happened, they all saw it, I think that they may be discussing what they are going to eat after the game or maybe checking out some cool new video on YouTube.  The coaches too.  Do you think they are always talking to the defensive coordinator?  I don’t think so.  I think the wives have the numbers to those little headsets and are calling.  I can also imagine alot of those are along the lines of “what the hell was that?  What are letting them do?  Why aren’t you using the plays I gave you?”
Just a thought.
Okay enough of that!  I have a tendency to get a bit carried away.
It was brought to my attention that what I should do is change this over to a Family Blog  and send the address out to everyone so they can keep up with what our little family is doing.  I don’t think that is such a good idea. First of all I rant and rave about stuff. Second I talk to Bill’s Mom and sister pretty much everyday, so they already know what’s going on. The only other family that might be interested (on Bill’s side) like me so I try to keep to keep it that way by keeping my mouth shut 🙂 
As Far as my family, its just my brother and uncle .  I don’ t think my brother is on the computer much  and I know my uncle isn’t .  But maybe doing a separate blog would be okay.  Although I am not sure how much anyone really wants to know.  The updates would probably run along the lines of; Evan won’t stop wiping his buggers on everyone, Aden won’t stop picking his nose and farting.  The dog is crazy, the cat is still mean and lazy.  Bill is at work. I am on the verge of a breakdown.  See not that interesting.
Well anyway, I need to go wrestle the dog into her coat & see if she’ll actually wear the booties.  I really don’t want to have to clean up muddy snow prints & its a little hard to wipe her paws off for me right now.  I’m just not very bendy yet:)  but it is getting better.


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