Gifts Gone Wrong

Okay so feeling a bit more motivated, not much but it is getting better.  So I am wearing the very controversial purple  &  pink sweater I got for Hanukkah, that everyone thought I hated because I was making a face when I got it.  I was not making a face about the sweater, its cute, I was making a face at the size tag, apparently other people think I am smaller than I think I am.  But it does fit, I just look like Dolly Parton in it and the horizontal stripes don’t help that matter lol.  I am sure Bill will like it.  Its warm.  I Like purple. 

Speaking of gifts, I am, as always in search of the perfect gift and I think I found it.

Well, it may actually be two gifts for Bill.  One is an architect design/plan book on Victorian houses written in 1880, the other is a mini camcorder that takes still pictures, can be used as a webcam & plays MP4 videos.  Not that he watches videos or will care about that.  but he did want a camcorder.  I can use the handy dandy webcam feature and get my brother online!  He hates typing but that’s okay, I miss talking to him as I was before my webcam & mic decided to quit on me but they were not that reliable anyway so this is a good thing.

Still need to find Rich a present.  Maybe I will make Bill do that. 
Need to go get some laundry done and shopping list for Christmas eve & Christmas day dinners.  Pretty sure what we are eating now. 
I know I am not supposed to wish for snow until the roof is done (where oh where are the roofers?) but I want snow maybe a little blizzard like last year would be nice.  I am not wishing for snow.  I know that the roof in its present state would not benefit from snow sitting on it.  The roofers will not appear unless we have a week of clear weather with temps in the 40’s or 50’s.  Like that is actually going to happen anytime soon.  What happened to “I was a roofer in Michigan, we did roofs all winter long”?  its only 10 degrees- its not like its 45 below. 
I imagine we will get snow & ice and we won’t see them till April.  But Bill isn’t worry or concerned in the slightest.  He said that it can take up to 4 weeks to replicate the corbels and that is probably what the hold up is.  Whatever you say dear.
I love the train set the boys got.  I hardly ever see them.  I can hear them just fine. But the Isle of Sodor has them busy.  It’s not an actual Thomas the Train table and set but they have good imaginations.

There is a young whitetail deer running around the neighborhood.  The animal control guy that is trying to catch it says it’s really tame and everyone has been petting it. But it won’t come to him.  We told the boys it was Rudolf.

Think I am officially done shopping for everyone.  Well except for the boys.  There are a couple little things I think we might get them.
Everyone else is just going to have to be happy with what they get.  I would like a box of wine and about 6 pounds of chocolates – and not the cheap chocolate!   Actually I would just like to get through this holiday with a minimum of screaming and fighting (not necessarily talking about the boys).

Now let’s just hope all the good little sellers on Ebay get the stuff shipped out so it can get here in time!


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