>The Not so Merry Ol’ Land of OZ

>Starting Wednesday, Aden will start riding the bus.  I am not sure how I feel about it, but he is excited.  It is just getting too hard on Bill to get up and take him, especially on the weeks that he works 10 days straight.  He gets home between 5:30am and 6 and then has to get up at 7:30 to get Aden to school in time.  Its even worse now that he has to warm up the car and scrape the windshields.  So Aden will ride the bus.  He is so excited.  I know that he would be riding the bus anyway next year but he’s till my little baby!!!  He shouldn’t be riding on the bus yet.

I will get over it, eventually.

So I have been spending way too much time on Ebay trying to get last minute Christmas presents.  Normally I am done shopping by August but this year just didn’t do it.  And then we weren’t sure if we were even going to be doing Christmas this year, we didn’t know if I would be in the hospital or not.  But since it appears that I won’t be, Christmas is on!  Which means, I have to get more gifts because I took all of the presents marked Christmas to Fran & Rich’s for Hanukkah. 
And then there is Bill.  He is so hard to shop for.  I want to get him something special and meaningful, but I just can’t seem to find whatever it is I am looking for.  It would probably help if I knew what I wanted to get him but I don’t.
I hate getting him movies. But I did.  Fran & Jana are all taken care of. Rich is as always the most difficult person on the planet to buy for, he hates everything I get him, every year. So far this year I have gone with that an for Hanukkah he got really tacky gifts.  Maybe I should stay with that theme.
Still can’t get into the whole ‘Spirit ” of things.  Even Christmas music isn’t helping.  Maybe I should try making cookies, that usually helps, but I would end up eating most of them.

Maybe it is that so much has changed for me.  I loved getting out of the house with the boys and Sam a few times a day and walking all over town, going to the library, checking out the river, just walking. It’s too cold right now to do that and I am not physically up to wrestling the dog.  She is just way to strong for me to walk her right now and even though we were doing better with her walking training, I wasn’t able to keep it up.  She is alot more calm in the house when she gets a few miles in ever day.  She is dealing though.  We make sure she gets lots of practice finding things we hide for her.  The boys however don’t seem to realize that when they play hide & seek from her, she will always find them. 

I am usually pretty peppy but my peppy seems to be on vacation.  Perhaps a glass a wine, some Bing Crosby & a present wrapping session will perk me up.  Who knows???

I still haven’t figured out Christmas Dinner yet!  Christmas Eve is easy just finger foods, a movie & 1 present each for the boys, then mommy & daddy will have  quality time.  This year though it won’t be a marathon present wrapping and assembling session 🙂

Maybe for Christmas dinner I should just do a ham, that’s easy.  I don’t think I want to mess with a turkey this year, even though I have two in the freezer.  So maybe Ham, roasted asparagus, Ambrosia salad, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, Sweet potatoes, Rolls, Green bean casserole.  Or we could do a breakfast buffet thing for when everyone comes over.  I have no idea but I better figure it out quick. 


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