>Frozen Wednesday

>The People at NOAA are calling for Freezing Drizzle today, yes, that’s right drizzle not rain, because I guess mother nature is feeling a bit lazy today- everyone is entitled now and then,
I suppose I should be happy with drizzle and not rain, because they are calling for ‘light’ accumulations.   Ice is not very nice.  Very pretty, but not something I want to see until the roof is done. 
Ah the roofers.  Those mythical creatures who are somewhere in the magic forest waiting for a week of 40-50 degree clear weather.  ROFL.  We aren’t going to be seeing them until May.  I just hope the roof lasts that long.  Ice is the reason we were trying to get the roof done before winter set in.  I don’t think the roof can stand another ice storm.  I wonder if its too late to up the homeowners insurance  just in case.  Oh Please oh please let the forecasters be right this time and its not going to be a big ice storm.

Anyway, enough whining.  Aden will not be getting on the bus this morning.  He is not very happy.  Having issues with times/schedules so we are probably going to change the times for his speech so that he can ride the bus, be we won’t be doing that till after the Christmas break. Which for Aden starts next week.  So like so many other things, we will deal with it next year.

Finally got everything squared away with the new babysitter. Or at least as squared away as we can get without an actual date.  The date I should be able to find out Friday or Monday.  I go back to the Dr. Friday.
No sure if I am just being impatient, which is probably the case, but I am having pain again in the upper left quadrant so I don’t know if I am just still healing or if the pain is back from before.  Bill says I should be patient, it was surgery, it may take a few weeks.  Wanting to feel perfectly fine in less that two weeks is not reasonable.  But I have no patience, well I have a very tiny amount but that is usually used up within the first 15 minutes of the boys being awake.  So we will see what the doctor says.  He will probably say the same thing as Bill.  He seems to be a very reasonable person too.
Spoke with the new babysitter yesterday.  I like her.  It sounds like she comes from a very busy, full and it sounds like chaotic household so she should fit in just fine here.  She has tons of experience with crazy, manic boys.  I will never publish her name!!!  It is so hard to find a good babysitter in this town, people won’t share or even tell you.  So I will be petty and not tell anyone her name ๐Ÿ˜‰
The boys are excited to have her come over.  All I had to say was that she was pretty.  All the qualification they needed.  They do like that she has pets, but mostly its the pretty thing.  But then they really like girls, alot.  It may become a problem in a few years.  I just hope that they don’t act like bill and start punching girls so they can ‘kiss and make better’.  In Bill’s defense  he only did that in grade school ๐Ÿ™‚

Have the Christmas dinner menu nailed down, taking in mind everyone’s various dietary restrictions.   I posted it at the bottom.  If they don’t like it, they don’t need to eat.


Veggie tray w/Dip
Brie baked in bread


Spinach salad


Baked Honey ham
Roasted Green Beans
Roasted sliced potatoes w/ Rosemary
Sweet Potato casserole
Jellied Cranberry


Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie
Sugar free Chocolate mousse


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