>Yippee Skippy

>Ever have one of those kinda nights where you just lay there and hope that voices in your head will just shut up for a while?  Yep it was that kind of night.

I have no problem admitting that there is a continual conversation going on in my head. Sometimes its with other people, mostly its with myself.  As long as I don’t start arguing with myself, I don’t see it as an issue.

I think what brought on the night of no sleep was a combination of a few things.  Sam snores and for some reason the second that I start to fall asleep, she decides she needs to clean herself.  She’s very loud.  So it’s smack, smack, lick, lick, hack, repeat.  Annoying.
Then I have this vision stuck in my head of a major ice storm.  Ice piling up on the roof and the roof collapsing in.  I know that is probably not going to happen.  The roof is not going to cave in.  Just probably leak alot if we get ice & snow piled up on.  Roofers.  Alot I could say, but I will just keep my mouth shut today.  Except that I hope we see them sometime before the end of the world. 
Another thing that I think prompted these little conversations in my head that wouldn’t stop was my doctor.  I know that I was supposed to go and see him Friday.  But, I decided yesterday that I really didn’t want to go.  Just can’t be bothered.  So I called and left a message with his amazing pregnant nurse who will pop any minute now.  She’s at that stage in her pregnancy where she’s getting a bit tired of it all and just wants the baby out.  You know how it is, everything hurts, you can’t get comfortable and visions of the alien movie keep playing in your head.  Well maybe not the last part, that may be just me.  anyway, she’s a bit cranky and probably tired of having to drag out my 50 pound chart every couple of days.
The message went like this, Need refill on pain meds, just go ahead and schedule the surgery for January, let me know when to be there.
Apparently that just isn’t going to fly, but I had to try πŸ™‚  Rhyming is such fun.
I got a call back in the afternoon from Cheery (not her real name of course) With a message from the doctor.  You could just tell that Cheery was not happy relaying messages.  That baby was probably kicking the crap out of her.  I say that because every few words i could hear an ‘ug’.  She said, ‘Doctor said you can come and talk to him Friday at 3pm about the surgery, keep taking the prilosec & add one more per day to that.  I am calling in your refill. Click.  Well alrighty then.
I do really like Cheery.  I really understand how she feels.  Its her 3rd child.  The thrill that is the 3rd trimester is gone. She can’t help being cranky.
So now I have to go Friday.  I don’t think that I will learn anything new.  I have done my research.  I know what to expect, possible complications, risks involved doing this much at once, yada yada.  I still want him to take care of it.  It may be that I can’t have the surgery at the hospital here in town.  They may not have the capabilities to handle something this complex.  He had mentioned going to KU before to do it. I know it will be a very complicated 6-8 hour surgery, but I have faith that he knows what he is doing. ( I of course did a very thorough check on him too before I let him start poking around).  So I guess I will find out tomorrow.
Personally I am ready now.  He may want to talk about scars again.  He said that if they had to take the gallbladder too that that would be either a separate incision or he could do one really big hideous one.  Dude, I haven’t worn a bikini since the summer before I got pregnant with Aden.  I really don’t think  one more ugly scar is going to make a difference. Bill isn’t with me because I am pretty. I’ve never been pretty, it just isn’t in my genetic makeup. My genetic makeup makes good looking guys. I have no illusions of ever being pretty.  I am good with that.  Maybe I can get a tattoo over the scars.  It would like like a giant anchor πŸ™‚ That would be cool, even if I live to be 80.  I could tell the boys I have decided to be a pirate.  They would buy that too.  They think everyone that has a tattoo is a pirate.  Which is kinda funny.  We were in the grocery store a few months back and there was a biker shopping.  Okay, maybe he wasn’t a biker.  But he was dressed in all leather, had a vest with patches, a bandanna and tons of visible tattoos, he was wearing long sleeves, it was cold.  I am assuming he was a biker. There was also a very nice Harley parked out front.  Anyway, when Evan saw him, he asked if he was a real pirate.  The guy, who was really great about being bothered, said yes I am.  Evan then had to ask where the pirate ship was.  The guy said he couldn’t bring it to the store today because there wasn’t enough water so he left it at home, so he just rode his motorcycle.  Then of course Evan wants to see it.  The guy was great.  Waved every time we passed him in the store.  Wow, I really got off topic there.
Sorry back to the scar thing.  Don’t care.  Simple as that.  I don’t plan on ever wearing a bikini again.  Very few people will actually be able to see the scar, I don’t care.


I really feel like just rambling on today.  Okay so when I had the last surgery I checked out a lot of books to get me through. I am reading along and realize I am really missing something.
Apparently I missed more than a couple of books in the series. Reading R.A. Salvatore just the Drizzit books for now.  So I get to the newest book which I think I am supposed to be on.  and it starts talking about so and so (Catti-bri) being dead, and how much Drizzit loved and missed his wife.  WTF! Huh.  Last I knew Catti-bri was recovering from the leg injury.  They weren’t married, she was definitely alive.  Not that anyone cares but it really through me for a loop.  So after alot of looking I think I have figured out what books I missed, it was only three so I am waiting on those.  I just hate it when that happens.
I like to find a series and read every book, all together.  I thought I had done that with these, guess not.  I really dislike when that happens.

Well the youngest of the maniacs has awoken so I guess its off to mommy land for me.  Hopefully today will be productive with a minimum of yelling, screaming and fighting πŸ™‚


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