>Surgery Update

>So, saw the doctor today.  Went over what he is going to do and all the nifty details.  He let me read my surgery notes from the last surgery.  All I can say is WOW.  I didn’t realize how bad the adhesions were.  I had them literally on every surface and attached to everything, including my liver.  That explains why I am still having pain there.  He said to be a little more patient, it’s still healing. 
As for the next surgery, he is going to try and do everything laproscopically.  He is not sure that is going to work, he may not be able to and if that is the case they will just try a transverse incision.  If that scar tissue is too thick, then I will end up with a lovey anchor shaped scar.  I’ll tell the boys I decided to be a pirate 🙂  He said if everything goes perfectly we are looking at 6-8 hours in surgery, give or take.    Could be more, could be less, as with everything else lately, it will depend on many other factors.  Can’t get out of a hospital stay this time, but he said we can discuss me getting out as soon as I can walk on my own.  I, like most people, really dislike hospitals.  They aren’t so bad, if I am not the one confined to one of those horrible beds. 

Not as scared as I thought I would be.  I really have alot of faith in this Doctor.  He spent alot of time assuring me that he was going to take his time, to make sure we limit the complications, which we went over in detail.  I know the risks.    This last surgery completely changed my mind about this next big surgery.  Before I was completely against any lysis of the adhesions.  Who wouldn’t be, they will just grow back worse every time you cut them.  But really, right now, the pain is so greatly reduced, I can imagine not having any pain at all.  Even if its just a year, or even if its 3 months, I want that time and I will be so grateful for every single second.  I know it won’t last. barrier gels or not.  They will grow back and they will be worse.  I will have to have them removed again and again.  

All in all its going to be a wait and see how it goes.  Bill should be able to find out about when he can take vacation Monday or Tuesday so we’ll schedule the surgery then.  I think I am prepared for whatever will happen, the possible rewards, to me at least, outweigh the risks. I hope 🙂


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