>Watching movies with the boys

>In case you haven’t noticed, I really do love the movie “Wizard of Oz” and I really enjoy watching it now. My boys discovered the movie about a month ago, I wasn’t sure if they would find it too scary.  They didn’t but those flying monkeys always scared the shit out of me as a kid along with the apple trees and the wicked witch’s army, oh and the tornado.  Okay so about 75% of the movie gave me nightmares.  But it looks like my boys are made of stronger stuff 🙂  Nothing in the movie scared them.  I did get a running commentary after the movie.  “You shouldn’t drop your house on someone and not say sorry”.  True enough and I do apologize for not bringing that to your attention earlier. “They should have said please, then the trees wouldn’t mind”.  Score again.  The non-stop commentary on any movie get old after a bit, its like watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 sober (which yes I did used to watch).  “monkeys don’t fly”.  Well, I’ve met several pilots…

It’s hard to tune them out because they don’t like to be ignored and will in typical Gabe fashion, just talk louder  until you respond.  Bill is really good at tuning them out.  I can’t do it, I’ve tried.  So by the end of the day my brain is numb.  We have entered the ‘Why’ stage.  Which I really don’t mind, its just maybe they could let me finish one answer before asking another question.

But, they do a running commentary on anything they watch.  Which is why the amount of TV and movies they get to watch keeps shrinking.  If it keeps up they won’t be watching any TV at all.

As usual because we are coming up on a holiday and picture taking opportunity.  Both boys look like they have been participating in those ultimate fighting matches. 
Evan went running into the bathroom the other day, hit the step stool in front of the tub trying to jump into the tub, and the step stool moved. He did a nifty cartwheel headfirst right into the toilet, bounced and hit the floor.  He was okay.  A very nice goose egg on his head.  It almost matches the one on the other side of his forehead, which he got diving from couch to the coffee table.  he  missed.  Aden who is not as much of a daredevil, or at least his coordination is better, has a long scratch on his cheek, which no one seems to know what happened there, a goose egg to match his brother’s on his forehead from trying to skate while holding onto the dog.  First let me state that we do not have skates, he was attempting to use one of his more sturdy cars, just a little bigger than those hot wheels ones.  So he hung onto the dog’s collar to have her pull him.  This happened right at the same time that mama cat decided she was going to move her fat ass to the couch.  Cat out, dog of course has to come and look.  Aden having his mother’s cat like reflexes, didn’t let go of the collar  as Sam started to fun downstairs.  Luckily the door way stopped him from taking a ride down the stairs. 
This Goose egg is right beside the cut on the other side of his forehead that he got when Evan beaned him with the crane from the train set.  Note: don’t try and take things away from Evan, he will retaliate.

Evan also has a nice scratch on the side of his side that is one of those ‘mystery’ cuts.  I am truly terrified of what they are going to be like if they ever play any sports.   We have a serious lack of coordination and a problem paying attention.


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