>Not As Smart as I think I am!

>I have been reading up on this whole blogging thing.  I am doing everything you are not supposed to do if you want traffic.  Good.  However, I am getting some mad hits from odd places and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.  The people who are blogging experts are quite clear that readers what specific things.  They want to read about social issues, politics, the economy or they want to learn how to do something.  They want experts.  They do not want to read about pets, kids, family or personal issues.  I have two consistent readers that  I know of.  You know who you are šŸ™‚  and thanks.  If I can bring a bit of amusement I am happy.  But my stats are showing hits from Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and Croatia.  Really?  But Why?
I guess I could start blogging about helpful stuff.  Like for instance if anyone wants to know how to make mac and cheese while nursing one kid and keeping the other one from climbing up the cabinets, I can do that.  Or my personal favorite, changing a really nasty diaper of one kid, in the dark with one hand, while nursing the other kid and giving your husband dirty looks, I can do that. 
Does anyone want to learn about about Religion?  I am happy to oblige.  Ask me my opinion about Christianity and Wicca.  That’s always a fun one I can really piss people off there.  Or how about demonology and the Catholic church, Druidism and Shamanism, Greek, Roman and Etruscan?
See I could play along but I really don’t want to.  I typically charge people for that.  If Bill were to find out I was giving out free classes he’d lose his mind.  That is a bit of a sore spot.
Anyway, the point is I don’t want this to be anything but my personal ramblings.  I really don’t care what everyone else wants.  I may bitch about social issues, the economy, politics and other stuff, but its really not my main focus.
But just to be a team player.

The Economy sucks, Its our own fault.  The government really needs some work.  Guess what, that’s our fault too, we elected these people.  War, Famine and the needless killing of wildlife, well that sucks too.  Am I missing anything?  Probably, and that probably sucks too. 
Okie dokie all done.
I could go on for hours, really I could but I won’t.  There are other people handling those issues.  The issues that are pressing for me usually go like this.
Where the F*** is Evan???  What is he into now? What is that noise?  Who did this?  What is that smell?  Who farted?  Who gave the dog the jar of peanut butter?  Why is the water running and the fridge door open?  Where did you get the permanent marker?  Why are you playing with a knife?  Put the Hammer down!  Stop riding the dog! 

So my life isn’t as exciting as some, but I do get variety.  I live in a zoo, surrounded by crazy preschoolers and pets who have no fear and get into everything. 
This is my life.  I could pretend to care about alot of other things. but the truth is, I have more concerns within the walls of my house right now. 

It’s not that I don’t care about all the issues I do.

Right now though, I am focused on keeping the boys and the dog from knocking the Hanukkah bush/Christmas tree down.  Its a magic tree.  It starts out as a Hanukkah bush, then when Hanukkah ends..Ta Da.. Its a Christmas tree :).  With only about 15 ornaments on it.  The boys, cats and dog are hell on ornaments. So the top 2 feet have none.  The bottom 3 feet don’t have any left either.  There is just a 2 foot area in the middle that has a few.  Terrible looking tree.  But, its really tall šŸ™‚

Now the heathens are dancing around it.  Perhaps they are doing a little late Solstice celebrating. 


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