>Got something now

>I was starting to think that I would make it through the day without something irritating me.  Nope.  I ordered my father in law 2 sweaters for Christmas.  I ordered them over 3 weeks ago.  Paid priority mail shipping. Since the 21st it had been sitting at the Kansas city sorting facility.  Checked the tracking today.  It was just processed through the Philadelphia, PA sorting facility.  It came from Ohio originally.  Shipping normally takes about 3 days from there.  Considering the holiday shipping mess, I figured priority mail would take a week, week and a half.  Apparently not.  Why is it in PA?  This is not the first time the postal service has done something like this to me.  And Yes, I do believe it is all about me.  A conspiracy against me.  The evil bastards are fucking with me.  Bill isn’t in much better shape.  He place a fairly good size order from Wal-mart about 4 weeks ago, got a few of the items right away.  The rest were on back order, totally understandable.  Two of those came a week later.  The rest of the stuff????? Your guess is as good as ours. They were shipped via Fed Ex a week ago.  No one has a clue where they are now, except Wal-mart doesn’t have them and we don’t have them.  We kind of have this impression of Fed Ex, what with the Express part, we imagine that shit would get here pretty quickly.  We are apparently wrong in our assumptions. 
Oh well,  Fathers Day is  just around the corner and a couple of sweaters would be a great present.  Its hard to find sweaters in June anyway.  The Wal-mart stuff is of course all of My presents!!! 

Those bastards at Fed Ex and the Postal service are probably laughing there little butts off. 
Well its not like I actually expected everything to go smoothly, something always has to go wrong, its a rule.
Okay now that I have vented, a cute fed ex guy should show up any minute.  Ah I hear a truck……..nope UPS next door. This sucks. I will not panic it really isn’t a big deal Bill’s mom’s present won’t be delivered till next Monday but that’s my fault for ordering it late.  I am sure we will all live, but dammit, I want my presents 🙂 


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