>I got nothing

>I’ve been up for about 4 hours now and I really have nothing to blog.  I could complain that I can’t type now.  I did my nails last night and now they are so long I can’t type as well as I am used too.  Damn things get in the way.  I am not sure what came over me, some sort of hormone surge or something.  Did my nails and cut my hair, maybe some subconscious need to be a bit girly?  who knows.  So whacked the hair off at my shoulders and added a couple of layers.  All this accomplishes is now I can express my inner Annie.  Which is pretty much what my hair does.  At least its not as frizzy now. 

The stupid weather people have changed the forecast again. now supposedly its not going to snow or do anything till Thursday after midnight.  Okay then.  We all know that they won’t say we are going to get a blizzard, they refuse to give a shitty forecast for holidays, major sporting events or for any days that they think everyone wants to hear about perfect weather.  Well, it seems like that to me anyway.
So the forecast for Christmas day is Flurries.  Ah doesn’t that sound cute. 
Still haven’t made cookies.  Still need to do some cleaning and yet here I sit, trying to think of something witty to type.
Still got nothing.  Oh well.  If you want consistently funny I can give you some names 🙂

Evan is having some issues staying off the counter top & out of the cabinets.  He just will not stop getting into stuff.  He treats the cabinets like his own personal little buffet.  It drives me nuts.  He always wants to eat, constantly.  I can’t figure out where the skinny little fart is putting all this food!  Must take after his daddy, who also can eat constantly and never gain an ounce.  Its pretty irritating. 

I hate Canadian Geese.  Just thought I would throw that out there.  I can hear them honking, I have a gun, but I don’t think I could hit any of them with it.  Note to self; invest in bigger gun or crossbow.
Crossbow would be better but I am not sure if they are legal in this state.  Maybe just a nice bow, I’ll give it some thought.
Blowing them up would be more entertaining, pretty sure that’s not legal either.  I think they are protected anyway.  But I am entitled to my little fantasies.
Silly laws.

So, have been having discussions about what I want to do when both the boys get into school.  First thing a nap.  After that I am not sure.  I like the library alot, maybe I can work there.  Love books, can read, know the alphabet song, I should be qualified to put books away.
I would be awesome at  a used book store.  But this town won’t support one. So that’s out for now.  I still want to be Indiana Jones, but all the good shit is still in the middle east and well, personally and this is just me, I am not fond of people shooting at me.  I know seems silly, but I like a nice quiet, calm, bullet free environment, when I am playing in the dirt.
I could always actually use my degree and head off to some remote jungle locale and try and find a tribe no one has ever seen, if there are any left that haven’t been run over by bulldozers.

ooo I know, I ‘ll just hire myself out again as a sensitivity trainer.
I’ll wait while you finish laughing….
Done yet?  Yes I have done sensitivity training.  I can be sensitive. I can really.  Its simple really, most people don’t pick up on subtle sarcasm. It did pay pretty well.
I didn’t like it much.  I had to act all happy. Eeck.

There are alot of things I could with my “useless” degree.  There are alot of groups of people around the world that would be fascinating to study.
Who knows I still have a while to decide, two years. 
Maybe I’ll finally get around to writing that book.  I’ve a story stuck in my head for about 10 years. Problem is I’ve got the middle part, just no beginning or end.  But the end is easily fixed.  I’ll just pull a Quentin Tarantino and kill everyone off at the end:)
But I really don’t think I would write a fiction book, not to be published anyway.  To me you really have to have a titanium set balls to do that.  That is really putting yourself out there.  I have alot of admiration for people who do write.

Well, Monkey cat gave up last night and came back inside.  Guess she just finally got to lonely without Mama & Gracie.  So everyone is safely in the house.
Still have nothing interesting to talk about.


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