>We’re Off to see the Wizard

>So we survived Christmas.  Christmas eve was hysterical!  We tracked Santa on NORAD till he hit the Azores and the boys decided that since he was making such great time, they had better go to bed, that was about 7pm.  About 7:30 Bill wanted to go get a bath so he went upstairs and after he went into our bedroom, he heard some giggling and talking.  A little set up here.  This house is old.  There is no sneaking in our house.  Every board & every door squeak, loudly.  Bill being the kind of guy he is, decided to mess with them.  Now it took a while to get what happened out of him, because when he came back down stairs he was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk, which made me start laughing, but I had no idea what I was laughing at.  Okay so back upstairs.  He said walked over to their door and listened to them saying, “Its Him, its really him, shhhh, be quiet, it’s Santa, he’s here!”  So, Bill stepped on the the really squeaky board outside their door, pushed the door in a little and gave a little “ho, ho, ho”.  Then he popped his head into their room to see them popped up in bed, Eyes & mouths wide open.  This was about 7:20pm.
After I finally got the story out of him and I stopped laughing, he went back upstairs to try the bath thing again.
I was sitting on the couch, reading and I hear “Evan, hey Evan, Evan , I heard something”.  This kept getting louder  & louder, until Aden was practically yelling at Evan.  I went up there and Bill was standing in the hallway, listening & trying hard not to laugh out loud.  I pushed the door in a little and Aden screamed “EVAN wake up he’s really here this time”.  I couldn’t help myself I started laughing and just went in.  I tried to explain that he shouldn’t be yelling Evan is asleep, Evan was really out.  Aden kept saying that he heard something on the roof and it had to be Santa, we have to get in bed RIGHT NOW!!!!.  I explained again that Santa won’t come if you are awake. I didn’t want to tell him that if he did hear something it was probably a critter of some sort.  I thought this worked so I tucked him back in and went back to my book.  There was no way I was going to set anything out until everyone was asleep and since I had everything wrapped that I was going to wrap, wrapped, I was just going to read a bit. This was about 7:45pm
Bill came back downstairs and we contemplated watched a movie, we were thinking Prophesy II since I got that for Hanukkah, but I didn’t want to risk it with little people still awake.  So we Watched Charlie Brown for a little while.  About 8:10 pm, I hear the tell-tell sound of little feet climbing down the ladder of the bunk bed and hitting the floor.  The little feet went to each window and paused , must have been looking out.  Then over to the music/star projector, clicking the music on, then, and I guess someone was trying to be sneaky, the thump of the ladder being picked up and gently dropped back on the floor, perhaps trying to make is sound as if someone was climbing back up to bed.
Bill and I are both watching the ceiling.  Why I am not sure.  I don’t think it helped us hear what was going on any better, but we did it anyway.
Squeak, Squeak, creak, creak, thump, thump, thump.  Must have gotten to the top stair because, really loud squeak, then a few thumps down the stairs.  Then silence.  The sneaky kid had to have stopped on the 5th stair from the top.  I know this without looking because that is the first stair from the stop that if you sit down you can see into the living room and see the TV.  We didn’t do anything, we just waited.
Then after about 10 minutes, Aden comes creeping into the living room, craning his neck every which way, looking to see if anything had changed.
“I just want to talk to you a minute”.    The chit chat lasted about 15 more minutes.  Mostly it was talk about Santa and how Aden thought that he might like a salad instead of cookies.  Why Sam should get a puppy, you know all the important issues to 4 years.
Finally we got him to go back up stairs and I think he finally passed out about 9:00 pm.
By then I was to tired to watch a movie lol.
they didn’t get up till about 6:30 am which was a bit surprising I was expecting a 4 am wake up.  But, they were happy with what Santa left and pleased that Santa drank all of his hot chocolate and ate both apple crisps.

Christmas Day
Everything went great dinner  turned out pretty good and we ate about 2:30pm I was shooting for 2 but hey I only have one oven so it took some mad shuffling to get everything cooked and kept warm without burning or drying out the ham, which if I must say so, turned out pretty good.
The dog passed out about 6 pm & slept till 6 the next morning, she was exhausted.  Boys crashed about 7:30 pm.  Not to shabby.

Today, I have to schedule the surgery.  We are shooting for the 7th of January.  We just to make sure we have someone available to sit with the boys during the surgery, because Bill will have to be with me.  Doing it on the 7th works out best because its a Friday and that would give Bill a total of 10 days off, with only taking 5 days worth of vacation time.  Which would leave him with another 5 days we can save to hopefully go back to the lake.
The new babysitter can be here in the afternoons/early evening on the days Bill works after his vacation ends, that will help because I really don’t know how well I’ll be doing after 10 days.
There will be a minimum of 1 day hospital stay.  If the surgery doesn’t go as well as planned I could be looking at a 5 day stay. 
So, schedules have now been coordinated, just waiting on Dr. to confirm and okay from insurance company.  These little blogs don’t just happen in a space of a few minutes this one has spanned 5 hours already :).
To much to do if the 7th is the date we do it. 30 menus need to be figured out, prepped, cooked, laundry done, school work planned and set up for the boys.
The most interesting thing I think is that this will be the very first time, Bill will have to take care of both boys, all by himself.  *evil laughing*  I am going to make sure I have a room with no phone, but to have hidden cameras set up all over the house recording everything would be pretty funny.  It will be a shame that I will miss it.  He has absolutely no clue what he is in for.  He may need to be committed when I get out of the hospital.  I do feel for him, but there is will be good for him.  I can’t stop laughing.  I’m gonna stop blogging before I pee myself. 

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