>Response to ‘Church ladies’

>Okay so apparently I have not been clear on a few subjects.  Judging by the amount of less than happy readers, none of which I know, I should be a little more specific.
So I will try, here goes.

I am sarcastic and rude.  These are two traits that you will always need to keep in mind if you read these blogs.  I have no intention of changing that.  I am capable of not being rude.  I don’t know if I am capable of not being sarcastic, haven’t tried it.  Don’t really see it happening anytime soon.

I Do NOT Hate Christians.
However, I do find many to be confused and irritating.  Not all, just a portion of them, those that present themselves as overbearing and right about everything.   I know a several that I actually love dearly.  However, going door to door soliciting for your god is a bit tacky.  Churches are never hard to find.  Trust me when I say if I wanted to visit your church I can find it myself.  I’ll call you. 

To be even more specific, I don’t hate any religious group, although I tend to find lots of things about organized religion, irritating.  Mostly its the groups that tend to try to recruit people by going door to door, oh shit, wait, that’s the Christians, again.  That’s not my fault.  You don’t see Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindi’s, or many pagan’s going door to door do you?  But if you do, pretty please give them my address!  I would just love a little sit down chat. 

I don’t care if you think that I am a horrible person for being mean to the Church Ladies.  For the record I was nothing but polite, I made them tea.  We chatted and I hope we had a mutually beneficial discussion, that brought hope and enlightenment to all. 

I do not wake up in the morning and actually think of things to say to offend people.  Well not most mornings.  People do things, I make comments, its what I do.

I am capable of being political correct, however, I mostly think its a bunch of bullshit and an extreme waste of time,  going around trying to make everyone feel all fuzzy wuzzy.  Life is not Fair and anyone telling you it is, is probably trying to sell you something.

Examples of my offensive nature will probably be seen anytime I write on this blog.
Suggestion, Don’t read this blog.  It’s my blog, my thoughts, my opinions.  It is all mine!  Mine, Mine, mine!  Perhaps, before you commented on my actions & opinions, you should have read previous blogs to better understand the nature of this blog.  This is my therapy.

I do not care what religion you are or if you have a religion or not.  Really I don’t care.  If I want to know, I will ask you!
Whether you are a Buddhist or someone who sits around on a bean bag worshipping little green polka dotted  alien elephants, its really all the same to me. But I do like Buddhists.
I just think that if you believe in something, regardless of who or what it is, its better than nothing, unless you feel that believing in nothing is what works best for you. Believe whatever you want, my opinion of your religious beliefs doesn’t really matter does it?

I rarely seek out religious conversation, for what I would consider, if you are considering me, very obvious reasons.  I will ask questions, I tend to expect answers. I will probably make sarcastic and snippy little comments, I tend to want Answers that make sense.

So here are some handy, dandy tips just in case you really want to go there.
If you actually want to tell me what religion you are, because I probably won’t ask, be prepared with some simple facts.
Know exactly what it is that you worship.
Know whether or not your religion is just another version of some other religion.
If you are a pagan and profess that your great, great, great, great grandmother, and  on your mother’s side, and every female since the dawn of time, have been wiccan high priestesses, I am probably going to laugh at you.  I find wiccans who think wicca is an ancient religion, really annoying. That’s right up there with people who say they are wiccan but aren’t actually practicing wicca.  Just know that I actually know when wicca was invented, and yes it was invented and it was way after Christianity, so don’t try and say that either.  But to show my soft & caring side.  I would be more than happy to actually explain the origins of Wicca and the difference between Witchcraft and Wicca, since so many Wiccans, seem a bit confused about it.

I did find it very heartwarming though that I had a purported ‘Wiccan’ jumping to the defense of the Church Ladies, that was really nice of them.  

So one more time, Just in case I haven’t been clear.  I DO NOT CARE if you found the blog about the Church Ladies offensive.  But I do sincerely thank you for upping my blog traffic by about 500% for that day.   And a big thanks to those who commented that they do enjoy the post, even though most of those positive comments were on my facebook page.  I thought and still think the Church ladies incident was funny.  I had a good time.  Would do it again, mostly the same way, except I would serve cookies too. Maybe some whiskey to put in the tea…..
I’ll have to remember to keep some on hand…..you just never know.


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