>Yet another update on Surgery

>So we seem all set to do the surgery on Jan 7th and I am sure I’ll have to be there at some unholy hour of the morning.  Like the last surgery, Bill will just be getting home about the time we have to leave to go to the hospital. But unlike last time, when he comes home, he won’t get a nap, he’ll have the boys all to his little self.  I will make sure to warn the boys to go easy on him but I doubt if they will listen. He gets a little cranky when he doesn’t get any sleep.
Still have no idea how long I’ll be in the hospital at least one day, maybe 5.
Still not sure exactly what all will or can be done, or how.
This is getting pretty redundant.  The doctor will try to do everything without cutting me from one end to the other, but that is really not all that likely, so we’ll see. 
Mysterious pain in the general vicinity of my gallbladder hurts like hell, again.  Still all tests come back negative I have come to the conclusion that someone is using a voodoo doll.
So, who ever you are with the voodoo doll that looks like me, you can stop now. 
I should be in la la land for anywhere between 4 & hopefully not more than 6 hours.  But really will I care at the time?  I better not.  I better be out. 
Let’s see recovery around 8-12 weeks, of course that depends too, seems to be a pattern.
I’m at the point now that its actually official were I am starting to have second thoughts.
Not about whether or not I should have the surgery, I should, shit is not working right, I am not using it, it is causing lots of issues, get it all out.  My doubts are running along these lines.  2 years ago, when this doctor did my tubal, I was talking to a neighbor, and when she heard the name of the doctor, she said, “don’t let him do it “he’s a butcher, I had a friend, so and so, had him for a surgery and she’s had nothing but problems since”.  Okay well, at the time I didn’t really pay much attention, I just tucked that little bit of info away.  I have heard all kinds of things about my surgeon, the biggest complaint I hear is that he is an asshole.  He has done 3 laproscopic procedures on me so far.  I have looked and looked and can not find any complaints against him, any record of malpractice suits.  all of his licenses are current and good standing.  Personally, I don’t care if he’s an asshole, I am not looking for a new best friend.  He is a bit of an asshole, but I when you deal with idiots all the time its hard not to be one.  I have heard him cuss and yell at the insurance people.  3 Procedures, no infections afterward, no complications after any procedure, the no infections thing is the biggest to me.  I had a staph infection after Aden was born, a small one, my incision also came open. The worst was after Evan was born.  I ended up with a completely open incision,  3 separate staph infections and a 3 week stay in hospital after an allergic reaction to the Bactrim they gave me for the infections.  It was just freakin’ lovely. That in itself is quite a tale and I am sure the pictures of me are plastered all over the Internet on medical sites & in medical journals.  Anyway.
Oh, and don;t let me forget the MRSA staph infection that I developed after being in the hospital for 3 weeks while they tried to treat the other staph infections.
Yeah. My mother-in-law informed me after I got all the infections and was home that she saw a thing about the hospital I had the boys had a horrible rate of staph infections.  Nice to know after the fact. 
So, I know doctors are human for the most part  and I am pretty sure no one is perfect.  Going back and reading what I just typed, really helps convince me that I am just looking for a reason to call off the surgery, because deep down, I am just a big ol’ wussy.  This Doctor, has been nothing but diligent, persistent and cautious, when it has come to making decisions about what to do next and looking for the cause of my problems.  I think I should just stop worrying about it and focus on trying to get enough done in the next week so the house will run smoothly and no one will live on mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and eggs for 30 days.  Bill can cook, its just will he?  He has never tried to cook, while keeping the boys from tearing the house down around him.  It takes some practice.
Oh how I wish I could set up hidden cameras all over the house so I can watch the magic unfold.  I am evil, just an amazingly evil person!.  But, surely if he can handle supervising the men at the warehouse, he candle handle two little boys.  Surely, he can. 
He knows how to do laundry, everything will be just fine. 
Now let’s just hope that the surgery goes well, I recovery with my normal amazing speed and this solves most of my issues.  If it doesn’t I am in a world of hurt.  Bill will only have 1 week of vacation left and I would like to use that for an actual vacation, hopefully to the lake. 
Well, that was enough depressing stuff:)  I’ll go start the first of many loads of laundry today and perhaps work on my blog response to some of the people that I offended with the ‘Church ladies” blog.  Not that I actually care that they are offended, I don’t know any of them, but I think they missed several key points.

On that note I will take off for a bit.


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