>Only 10 Days Left

>10 Days till surgery and too much to do!  I have decided that I want to pre-cook/prep at least 40 dinners  to have tucked in the freezer and ready so that is one less thing anyone has to do.  Bill can cook.  Matter of fact he is an awesome cook and makes the best damn meatloaf I have ever had, yes it is better than his moms!  He does laundry and cleans too. Awesome dude.
Having the meals all ready is mostly for me.  Week one, Bill will be home. Week two, Jana will be here as overall adult supervision and the new babysitter will be starting the afternoon of the 17th.  But week three, as it stands now, I am on my own.  The babysitter will be coming after she gets out of school and will stay until the boys are done with baths, so around 6:30 pm or there abouts.  I shouldn’t have any trouble with them after that, they do go to bed pretty easily now.  The problem will be from the time they wake up in the morning until Bill wakes up and then from the time Bill leaves from work till the babysitter gets here.  That gives me a window of about 6 hours in the morning alone with them and anywhere from 1 to 2 1/2 hours until the sitter gets here.  She may not be able to come over everyday and her schedule may vary week to week!
Damnit I ordered 16 oompa loompa’s weeks ago and it looks like they must have gotten lost in the mail 🙂
So, I will just do what I do best and completely disregard plans for anything after 7am on the 7th!.  See this would be a good time to have friends that lived close by. Damnit I knew I there was a reason why I should have been a little more friendly with people! 
Yesterday Bill asked what kind of recovery time we were looking at.  He actually said 1 or 2 weeks.  Coffee came out of my nose, it was not pleasant. Funny because it made everyone laugh and Evan peed himself, Bill coughed up his coffee too, even though he had no idea why I was laughing. 
This proves a point.  He sayes he is listening, but he turns on the husband autopilot when I start to talk.  His autopilot function is so advanced that he can actually make appropriate responses, noises etc, while actually not really paying attention to what I am saying, he is usually thinking about remodeling.  I think he spends alot of time fantasizing about  Home depot and Menards.  But I am very sure that we have discussed recovery time on several occasions.
We’ve known for years that I would have to have this surgery and the biggest issue I have had with it is the recovery time. I’ve waited as long as possible and now that the boys are a little more self-sufficient, I really believe it shouldn’t be as difficult to take care of them while keeping my butt on the couch:)
They can dress themselves, everyone is pretty much potty trained, although Evan still doesn’t stay dry throughout the night, he doesn’t have many accidents during the day.  He does however still want to be picked up alot and always wants someone to take him up to the bathroom, he likes company.  They can unload the dishwasher, with help. I just don’t let them put away the silverware and I have to actually put the dishes and glasses in the cabinet, but they hand them to me and handle the other stuff. They take care of feeding the animals, but I have to do the water for them.  I think the main potential problem will be with Evan.  He cannot be trusted, not one little bit.  The second you are not watching him, he is into something.  This mostly occurs downstairs.  The little monkey can find a way to climb anything.  I was stupid enough once to think I could leave him downstairs while I went to the bathroom.  Dumb move.  Came downstairs he was on top of the fridge.  On top of it!!!!  he had used a step stool to get onto the cabinet then got the coffee can to stand on to get up on the fridge.  His stupid parents actually thought that the cabinet above the fridge was a good place to store stuff we didn’t want the kids to get, like the dog & cat meds, various over the counter meds, lighter fluid, etc.  Nope its not safe there. 
Most of the issues with Evan are my fault.  I let the boys cook with me, so the result is, Evan thinks he can cook by himself.  I catch him on a pretty regular basis, stacking stuff he is going to cook on counter.  He also likes to help himself when he is hungry, which is all the time.  He just loves using my makeup.  I think he watched to many episodes of Blues Clues, because that boy always finds where I have hidden it.  He also just loves to put on deodorant!  Daddy has a hard time remembering to put it away and Evan likes to put it on his arms and tummy.  He does smell good but we go through alot of deodorant.  You just can’t take your eyes off of him.  Aden is pretty good.  Not many issues to worry about with him.  The dog is another issue.  She can’t be trusted either.  If you leave anything on the floor, she thinks its hers and she will eat it.  The boys are getting the hint and are getting a little better at keeping stuff picked up. 
Anyway,  I just have to hope that I’ll be completely ready to jump up and chase people in 2 weeks, because I pretty sure that is all the real recovery time I am going to get.
But, it is my job to worry about all the little details. 
I’ll just try and get as much done as possible to make less work later!

I would imagine that in a month everyone will be sick of beans,casseroles, mexican and italian foods lol.
I need to cook 4 meals to freeze every day, so far 2 were done yesterday and 2 are being cooked now and 2 more ready to cook next today 🙂
I am making progress!

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