>The Evil Doctor Pork Chop Invades

>The Evil Dr. Pork Chop has invaded!  He has found an army to help him destroy the Island of Sodor.  Thankfully, Woody & Buzz were there to save the day.  They did have help!  They called in the Allied forces, Dora, Thomas the Train, Donkey Kong, Lightening McQueen & Chucky from the Rugrats.
It was an amazing sight to see.  The peaceful island of Sodor (Train table) usually doesn’t have many problems other than the train bridge and tracks mysteriously getting blown up, I suspect it is the work of the notorious One-eyed Bart & Black Betty.  Thomas and his train buddies were happily chugging along, Pete was training his Dragon and the Firemen and the Policeman were trying to save Chucky who was trapped on the lake in his boat, surrounded by Giant Evil Snakes.  Emergency vehicles were of course standing by.  Why they didn’t just use the Helicopter is beyond me. 

Anyway, it was just another typical day, until suddenly, T-Rex jumped into the middle of the Village and started eating everyone.  Well he tried to anywa, his mouth doesn’t open all that far.  Dragon was there immediately to fight off T-Rex.  It was a horrendous battle.  Dragon flapped his wings, stomped all over and breathed his terrible fire breath on everyone and everything.  He is not very accurate, he only walks forward and you can’t really control when he will flap his wings. Anyway, T-Rex was no match for the mighty dragon.  Unfortunately, the entire village was destroyed in the Battle.  Before the stunned citizens could even begin to contemplate rebuilding, the Evil Dr. Pork Chop, played this time, by a green plastic piggy bank, flew in to make his demands!.  He had with him an entire army of fat Fisher Price Little People, who were angry for not being allowed to live in the village.
Evil Dr. Pork Chop demanded that the trains bring him chocolate chip cookies to his evil lair.
He also wanted Chucky to stop fishing in the lake and leave the snakes alone. 
The citizens were terrified.  Luckily for them Woody and Buzz showed up right then.  Dora and Donkey Kong, because we just don’t have Boots, but we do have a 2 1/2 foot tall monkey, rushed to the lake to try and save a hysterical Chucky.  Donkey Kong ate the snakes and plucked Chucky out of the lake, while Dora ran around in circles screaming ‘We did it, We did it, We did it, Hooray, Yes we did it!”  Donkey Kong then ate Dora.  No one seemed particularly upset. 

The fight for the freedom of The Island of Sodor continued.  Big Woody, who is a good 18″ tall, smacked Dr. Evil Pork chop across the room, while Big Buzz rounded up the evil Little People and trapped them in a Giant Lego bucket and sent them back to  Bath Tub Town.  That shut them up.  Once they were taken care of Woody and Buzz turned their attention to One-eyed Bart & Black Betty.  That was not going to be too hard, everyone knows if you take their eyes or feet off they are done for.  And if you really want to mess with Black Betty remove her ear if she’s wearing her ear ring ears.  That only left the fiend Evil Mr. Smee.  Having finally escaped the influence of Captain Hook, he settled in on Sodor Island to start a bed and breakfast.  Business was good.  Jessie helped him plant the flowers and Thomas and friends helped haul all of the goods needed.  Mr. Smee told everyone that he bought the tree house from Winnie the Pooh, who had left with all of his friends to move back to the Hundred Acre wood to take care of a very sick Christopher Robin. What everyone didn’t know is that he had Winnie the Pooh, piglet, eyeore, rabbit, owl and Tigger all locked up in the attic.  Mr. Smee knew the heroes would come for him, since Jessie had become suspicious about how sudden Winnie and his Friends left  and without saying goodbye. Jessie told mini Buzz who then told mini Woody.  Mini woody was in a tragic accident and no longer has feet, they were eaten by the giant Sam Monster.  Anyway, Woody now uses the super fast lego truck to get around and he gave mini Buzz a lift to the tree house where they met up with Jessie. Meanwhile, 18″ Woody and 8″ Buzz were busy trying to get T-Rex back to his cave and Dragon to stop Stomping and flapping his wings, his button had gotten stuck and he was really tearing the place up, Pete had somehow disappeared, it is suspected that the Giant Monster Sam had taken him hostage, his whereabouts are still unknown and the worst is feared.  The Mini Friends arrived at the tree house, captured Mr. Smee and put him to work at the quarry, freed Winnie and his friends.  Rabbit of course not very grateful and complained alot so they sent him to the quarry too.

With Evil Dr. Pork Chop and his evil minions defeated, the Heroes celebrated, by rebuilding the track, tidying up their room and finally getting to bed.
Then Mommy finally had some piece and quiet.


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