>Day 9, 05:45

>Ah the outstanding joys of being the first one up!  Well, not counting the dog and cats.  But the cats know Sam is up so they have retreated to the relative safety of the laundry room.
Coffee freshly, brewed and waiting ever so patiently for me to partake of its wondrous joys.
But, like all good things, it could not last. 


Yesterday was productive.  I am very proud of myself!  Most of the laundry is done, only 3 loads left.  6 meals have been made and frozen for future use.  Menus done until Feb 12, Grocery lists written out, coupons printed.  All set for major shopping today. Also on the agenda is a library stop, dropping off & picking up.  I do so love when I have books waiting!

Bill is off today and only has to work 8 hours tomorrow during the day, not that we have big plans for New Years, we don’t.  But, it was 11 years tomorrow, that he first proposed to me.  The proposal doesn’t rank up there with the most romantic ever, but if you know Bill, it was pretty romantic for him. 
I remember it well.  We were just sitting on the couch, watching Dick Clark, when he nudged me and handed me the ring.  Ah.. My amazingly romantic response, “are you fucking kidding me?”  I know we both just ooze romance.  To which he replied, “Nope, serious”.  I responded with the a heartfelt, “Well, okay then”.  We are so flippin’ romantically. We then proceeded to get stupid drunk.  My supervisor called shortly after wanting me to come to work, but I was already drunk, so I got a pass.  New Years day was amazing!  I had won a guest spot keeping score and announcing for the Florida Panther’s the next day.  It was alot of fun!  Good times were had by all! Was on the radio and everything. 
Now I am lucky if I can stay up till ten, okay I’ll be honest 9:15 is pushing it and I have no desire to see Dick Clark anymore.  I think he is really dead and someone has reanimated his corpse.  Creepy.
I mean come on people, let’s get someone a little more animated.  I have some excellent host ideas!  My top picks would be Hank Williams Jr., Steven Tyler & Tommy Lee.  Why?  Its a party, let’s get some experts. Just for a little more fun, get K.C. & the Sunshine band to play a few numbers, I hear as long as you tell K.C. there is an open bar he’ll show up.
I Love K.C. & the Sunshine band!
Anywho.  Its still soupy with a chance of more soup later in the day, switching over to frozen soup.   I really dislike drizzle.  If you just can’t manage to all out, please just don’t bother.  Get some rest, Try later. 

Sam Needs a friend.  I saw that the local animal control had posted the most adorable puppy.  She is about 12 months old and apparently good with other animals and kids.  She’s white with some black on her ears and back.  Can’t really tell what breed(s) she might be though.  Looks like a Pitt, German shepherd, jack Russell terrier sort of thing going on.  I don’t even know why I am talking about her.  Bill said absolutely NO to anything else that eats.  So I didnt’ even bother to mention this little girl.  But Sam really needs someone of her own species to play with.  She is still not getting it that the cats will not play with her.  Mama will kick her ass, but that’s about as involved as Mama is going to get. Gracie & Monkey just avoid her.  I think maybe its because Sam keeps trying to sniff their butts and they just aren’t into that sort of thing.
What else…. since I probably won’t be online again till tomorrow….nope got nothing interesting.  Same shit, Boys are maniacs, Dog is crazy insane.

Alrighty then folks, I’m off.

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