>There is a reason why I rarely watch the News

>So, last night I stayed up with Bill and actually watched the local news.  I rarely do that, for many reasons.  I just really wanted to see the weather, which of course they make you sit through 20 minutes of what they think is important news, all the while, teasing you about weather forecast every 3 minutes. 
We don’t have cable or satellite, so we are stuck with about 10 local channels.  We decided to stop paying for dish because we had 120 channels and there was never anything on.  Unless you really want to watch the bible channels, shopping channels & Spanish channels.  The Spanish channels are really not that bad, some of those novellas look really interesting, but they all talk so fast I only really can catch every 10th word.  But with any soap opera, you really don’t need the sound! But we don’t need to watch those channels, everyone in this household needs to learn English before trying to speak other languages 🙂
Anyway, back the news.  So as we sat there suffering though the news, and I like channel 5 for overall entertainment value, I call it the Doom & Gloom channel, or the Armageddon station. Because if you watch it long enough anytime, you will start to feel as if it is indeed the end or you’ll want to end your own life.
So, there we were and they started in.  The lead story was about an escaped Sex offender. He had been convicted and sentenced to a treatment facility and escaped.  So we have the reporter standing outside the courthouse talking about the case, then it kept cutting back to her interviewing the ADA.  The ADA was talking about how violent this man was, yada yada.  Apparently this wasn’t the first time he had been convicted. Apparently he is a repeat offender with at least 3 other convictions under his belt.  Treatment facility???  Really??  Treatment…..  Maybe its just me but I am thinking that a stay in a mental facility for ‘treatment’ isn’t really gonna work.  The scene then changed to start showing the treatment facility.  They kept saying how they didn’t know how he escaped.  Now they are showing the fence with razor wire and the locking doors, etc.  Then just as they say, yet again that they have no idea how he escaped, they show a gate wide frickin’ open.  I turned to Bill and said, “ooo I think I know how he got out”.  They showed that open gate like 5 times while saying how secure the facility is.  Really?  The door was open.  Completely open  you could just walk out and be on the road in like 30 yards.  Shut the f****** door people.  I bet he just walked out, hitched a ride away.  Treatment.  Can’t get over it.   I have an excellent way to help with the burden on our justice system, which I would love to share.
It will just cement all the reasons why I would never hold any sort of elected office.
Here is what I think would help, save money for the court systems, help with overcrowding in the jails and really take good amount of strain off of our overworked police forces.
Let’s just say that, hypothetically, this violent sex offender, and did I mention it was kids he is attracted too?  Didn’t? sorry, now you know, it does make a difference to me.
Let’s say they catch this asshole.  Let’s go ahead and have the trial immediately, like within a couple of hours.  Make sure  that you invite as many of the victims and their family as possible to sit in the courtroom.  Now here is the twist.  It will be kind of like a little lottery.  Everyone in the courtroom will get a number.  After the conviction, The Bailiff will pick a number out of a hat, if the number he picks matches your number, he gives you a f****** loaded, with only 1 bullet, gun and you get to shoot the asshole.  See, simple.  Of course this is not a plan without flaws.  But it beats ‘treatment’ for someone who apparently has a pattern of behavior, rape a kid, get out jail, do it again, get out again, do it again, go for treatment?  Really who thought that up.  Why do we waste our resources, feeding and caring for these people?  There are starving people, children, in this country, that we could be taking care of, but somehow we have chosen to spend countless thousands of dollars “treating” a child rapist???  Am I just confused?   Wonderful solution! Let’s keep the repeat offenders in jail, feeding them, giving them medical care, so they can take up space and money?  Why?  They are just going to do it again.  Shoot them!  Immediately. Don’t wait months or years to try them.  We could move this along a little quicker if we just put a little more effort into it.  I know, I know, equal right, right to a fair trial, Right to a competent defense.  Every child molester has rights that, God Forbid, we just must not violate.  But, what if they were falsely convicted??  Yep, Bill and I have this argument alot.  Our system is flawed now.  People have spend decades in jail for crimes that they may not have committed.  And Thanks to better forensic techniques they are being acquitted.  And I do think that is great!  But, I have yet to see a case, and they might, exist where the person acquitted was a convicted child molester.   One of the most wonderful things, I believe, about this country is Equal Rights.  However, like many other things, we have blown it out of proportion.  If you rape a child or knowingly cause, deliberate harm to a child, f*** your rights.  Don’t like lottery solution?  then lets give the victim the gun, if they want it.  If they don’t then let’s give the gun to the judge.  Sentencing can then be carried out immediately.  We just saved a ton of frickin’ money and we didn’t even have to switch to Geico.  I know that my views are harsh.  But, has anyone seen any statistics on the rate of repeat offenders???  We pay our police force about as much as we pay our teachers, and people wonder why we have so many issues in the country? I know that seems like I just took a big turn, but, if we had more teachers and less kids in each classroom, you know that there is a good chance that some teacher may see some of this behavior, when it could, possibly, I don’t know for sure, be treated. Teacher’s tend to notice things when they can.  Teacher’s should be the highest paid people in this country.  They should make more than Doctor”s, professional athletes, everyone!!  We depend on our teachers to teach.  And whether you believe it or not, they, the teachers have alot of influence on children and where this country is headed.  Pay them.  Pay Soldiers, Policemen(women) more than other people.  If you paid the cops better, gave them the budget they needed, make the penalty for repeat offenders so high that they will not re offend, I think you would see a natural decline in crime.  Give the teacher’s the pay, benefits and anything they think they need, so they can do their job.  We are taking advantage of one of the most important resources this country has.  Why should a teacher make between $40 & $45,000 a year and someone who plays a game, they are not changing the world, they are playing a game, why should they make at least twice as much as a teacher? The CBA makes sure that it sets a minimum NFL player salary. The minimum salary is determined every year by the CBA. The minimum NFL player salary for a new player was US $295,000 in 2008 which went up to US $310,000 in 2009.   WTF

I love football.  I would love my children to be taught by people who are happy to be teaching. Who have everything they need so they can focus on teaching and not whether or not they are going to be able to make their mortgage payment.
Sorry I lost my steam on that one, had to go up and built a new train track.  I am considerably calmer now.  I still like my lottery idea.

But moving right along, the next story I found to be particularly interesting.
This chic in Moline, IL  tried to skate on the Mississippi River on Wednesday.  Ashley something or other, I am sure you can guess the outcome.  Yep, as I am sure you guessed, it wasn’t really frozen, just part of the surface had ice.  Don’t they cover that in Science classes??  Oh yeah, I forgot, the whole teacher thing.  Anyway, she could just be an idiot, I was an idiot at 26, but I am pretty sure I knew that it would be a dumb ass idea to try and ice skate on the Mississippi river.  They got her pulled out of the river at considerable danger to the rescue workers, she is recovering at the hospital.

See, why I try to avoid the news??  I understand the escaped, violent sex offender story, yea, that’s good to know, but the next best news they could find was about a chic who fell in the river??  Don’t we have other issues that are more important?  Isn’t there still a war going on?  you would think that would make the news?
North Korea?  Maybe that’s only important to the people in south Korea? How about that I’m a dinner Jacket guy? sorry I mean  Ahmadinejad?  He seems like someone we really should be concerned with. 
Anyway, I’m done now.  Off to go and see if I can be productive. Have a safe and Happy New Year 🙂

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