>Enough Already!

>  I am  starting to feel like a high school science class project. Today, I get to go back to the hospital to have a pelvic sonogram, some more blood work and possibly some fun little activities that involve really big needles. 
I know you are so jealous right, Still, after 3 weeks of continuous antibiotics, I continue to run a fever. So, my brilliant doctor (really not being sarcastic this time) wants to take a little look.  Fine, look away.  Its when he makes little comments like, “we could do a little laproscopic surgery” that I start to get all figety. No see, now I have issues with that.  I really think inflating me with alot of gas so you can look around is really gonna hurt right now.  I would really rather not.  Maybe it is just a bleed and they will see it with the sonogram and then I can visit the dude with the big needle.  Then he can just shove that right on into my abdominal cavity and drain it.  I would rather that than the gas at this point.  I am turning into a wussy.

So That’s whats up today.  I am so excited.

Moving right along. I actually got someone in Slovenia, asking about Sam & Mama and how that’s going.
Slovenia.  Wow. But if you really want to know, who am I to keep that info from you:)
Mama appears to have chilled out a little, but she still hates everyone.  Sam is still the same.  Now, the cats are still hanging out in the back room until after bedtime, when I suspect they are coming out and patrolling the house.  Or there could be other cats breaking in and leaving cat hair all over.
It seems as if Gracie has decided to be the brave one (out of the two girls) and venture out the most. Sam is doing really good now when she sees Gracie or Mama.  She just lays down on her belly and shakes like she’s going to have a seizure.  Tons of control, very proud of her..
No blood baths lately, although, Sam was so excited to see Nana when she got here that she jumped up and scratched Nana.  There was a little blood, but Nana is fine.
Sam has a spa appointment Friday.  The only girl in the house that gets to go have her nails done and its the damn dog.  Whatever, having a manicure would be wasted on me anyway.
Monkey cat seems to still be convinced that Sam is going to eat her.  She should stop running, it only excites the dog.  Speaking of Sam, she looks like she has grow a little, so we’ll get them to weight her Friday. She is certainly not going the way of the cats and turning into a big fat, fur ball.  She doesn’t even look to have spare skin!  She is the most muscular thing I’ve ever seen.  I’m jealous!  She has muscles on her muscles 🙂  I think next year we’ll get her a pulling harness and let her pull the boys around on a sled.  She pulls them around in a laundry basket now. With her teeth!.  I stop her when I see it, but the boys think its just the best fun~.  Together they weigh almost 80 pounds (which I think is about 36 or so kilos, not really sure but keep in mind I am in the US and have a US education).
Being as bored as I am, I was reading the owners manual on the camcorder I got Bill for Christmas and discovered that I can turn off the video recording part and just talk to it, then I can plug it into the computer and download just the audio.  That’s so friggin’ cool.  Yes I am aware that this technology has probably been around awhile, I’m just not technologically advanced.  Then there is this other nifty program thingy that will convert audio files to word documents.  Outstanding!!!! Now I can talk to myself, record it, convert it and then share my insanity with the world.  That’s just so ……Shiny.
It will save time though  I think.  Right now it takes about a week to write even one blog even with my outstanding typing skills.  But its getting better.  Actually just logged about 4 minutes sitting here.   So I guess I’ll go lay down and knit some more.  Guess what everyone is getting for birthdays & holidays this year lol

>I survived

>Well as you can see I survived the surgery lol.  Actually it went pretty well considering.  No major complications and nothing really surprising.
The doctor tried for 3 hours to do everything without opening me all the way up, but at the 3 hour mark he knew it was a lost cause, but I have to give him credit for trying and he was able to do almost everything he needed to do before he sliced me from hip to hip, literally.  He said that once he got in it was only about a 15 minute deal to get my uterus out.  Closing me back up, however, proved a bit of a challenge.  It is a bit hard to sew through that much scar tissue lol.  But sew he did, every layer of skin, except the outside one, he used staples there.  I did get my ‘I told you so’ when the incision opened back up. 
So the surgery went well.  Friday day and night was hell in the hospital.  I had some trouble with my blood pressure being too low and took my sweet ass time waking up from anesthesia. Managed to get a couple of infections right off, in spite of the very liberal doses of antibiotics in the hospital. 

It has never taken me this long to write one little blog, but I can only sit here for about 3 minutes.

So right now at the beginning of 3 weeks, still have an infection somewhere, still running a fever, not high, incision is looking good.  Okay so maybe I should amend that.  The incision is healing well and is just about closed up.  It looks hideous.  I don’t mind though, I threw out the bikini officially last summer, I have no business being in one anyway lol. back to the med stuff.  It appears as if I may have an active bleed somewhere so we are going to check that Wednesday morning via sonogram.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t lead to opening me up to have a little look-see.  On the bright side, because there is almost always one, Doctor said now that I am all cleaned out, if he does need to go back in and look at least  he’ll be able to see now. 
Whatever, I’ll find out tomorrow.  Aunt Jana had to go home, but Nana came up to take her place for the rest of the week.  The boys are still thrilled! 
Evan gets to ride the bus for the first time today, so that should be fun, he is so excited.  Everything is going pretty well I guess.  The house is still standing and overall I have to say that Bill is an excellent house mom.  I was so impressed I offered him the job full time if he wants it.  He declined lol. 
I have become addicted to court tv shows.  Even stayed up late one night, about 7 pm, and got sucked into the Bachelor. It still sucked, but its amazing what is amusing when you are under the influence of drugs and too lazy to yell at someone to get you the remote.  Tons of new and exciting stuff has happened over the last few weeks, but I’ll leave that for another time.
It’s nap time lol

>Last Day, last Blog for awhile

>Ah its finally the last day before surgery.  Strangely enough I am not thinking about it to much other than to try and remember the hospital is supposed to call today and if they don’t I have to call back the doctor, those sort of little details is all. 
I am pretty much going to end up with not a lot to do today.  The sheets need changed, but I can’t do that till Bill gets up and that probably won’t be till around noon, since he just rolled in the door about 6 am.  Vacuuming is also on the list but that will also have to wait till later as well.  So I guess that makes me about as ready as I am gonna get.  I could work on my knitting, that makes me feel really old to say. 
Finally got Aden’s bus schedule thing all sorted out, so he’ll start riding the bus next week.  I think he will like it.  The boys are so excited to see Nana and Papa tomorrow!  But then why wouldn’t they be???  Aden talked Nana into making him mac & cheese so she is bringing that.  The original Spiderman movie may be showing up as well but I am pretty conflicted about whether or not to let them watch it.  Bill thinks Aden would do alright and Evan’s not an issue because he won’t watching anything with real people in it.  I guess ultimately it will daddy’s decision, which I am very glad of, I can’t decide.  At this rate they will 30 before I decide they can watch it.  I think the problem for me is I can’t really remember the movie, I know it wasn’t that bad. I just am not sure if Aden will understand what he is watching or if he will get all freaked out by something.  Who knows.  They both thought Labyrinth was awesome.  Well it was, but I was surprised that Evan even watched it.  But it did have puppets and goblin puppets at that, so it makes sense, sort of.  Evan is having a bit of a fascination with goblins.  We have read several books with goblins since Halloween, mostly the non-scary type.  He thinks he is the Goblin King.  It could happen.  David Bowie is getting up there a bit. 
So Dish Network called yesterday.  Wanted to know if we were ready to come back.  The guy said they had several great “deals” going on and he was just sure they could find something perfect for us.
I said “Sure, I know exactly what deal I am interested in”.  you could just hear him perk up.  **evil laughing**  He just go so excited.  He actually thought I was going to sign back up.  He said, “well what package are you interested in?”  I said, ” I want the deal that has all of the channels, all of them, including local and the free premium channels for 3 months, free DVR and I want everything completely free for 24 months, is that package available?”  Stunned silence.

I really hate that.  I was hoping for better out of this guy.  He really sounded like an awesome telemarketer, someone who really could think on his feet.  Nah, wrong guy.  With complete seriousness, he told me that they don’t have a package like that, that he is aware of.  But he would be happy to get his manager.  I said sure I’d sure be happy to hold.
I did hold but after about 2 minutes just hung up.  I don’t think the guy got my little joke.  But it was a nice little bit of mid-afternoon entertainment and it was completely free, on my end at least.

I really would have signed back up, if they would have given me 2 years free with everything I wanted.

Aden takes after his daddy alot.  He is really good at math and has surprised us by not only learning to count really early, but is doing addition and subtraction.  No, I am not going to start going on about how’s some kind of genius or anything, he is just good at math.  He doesn’t get it from me.  He can count to 100 and he can add and subtract single digit numbers without alot of problems.  We’ve been doing homeschool preschool this past year, mostly for Evan, who was a bit behind in alot of things because Aden does everything for him.  But Aden gets bored really easily so one day I just printed out some 1st grad addition problems for  him, explained what he was supposed to do and left him to it while I worked with Evan on the alphabet.  He did it in about 10 minutes and it was about 20 problems.  I was stunned.  So it just kind of progressed on its own from there.  I don’t push him, if he doesn’t want to, fine.  But, lately he has been bugging me with math problems like whats 3+3+3+3+3+3.  I don’t like math, I don’t think its fun at all, he does.  So I figured that it was time to introduce some multiplication, thinking that might amuse him for a minute or two.  He only kinda gets it, but can now do 2’s up to 20.  Maybe I should teach him to knit.  He can do everything up to using the metal hook to connect the rows.  But because I know him, I don’t think giving him a sharp metal object is a really good idea, especially if Evan is around.  Maybe I will get him one of those pot holder maker things, with the fabric loops.  I had one, and you can never have enough pot holders.
Evan seems to be less of a scholar although he is starting to recognize some words and can read a little bit.  Almost as well as Aden, there is probably a 10 word difference between them.  Evan is alot more physical.  Our little future linebacker.  Don’t see a college or NFL career out of him, because I doubt if he’ll be much taller than Bill, but you never know.  There are some really tall men on Bill’s Mom’s side of the family.  Even though he was alot more skinny than Aden was, in the last year he has really filled out.  They are now the same height and only about a 2 pound difference between them.  Alot of people think they are twins, but I don’t see it.
They are like night and day.  Aden is dramatic but very sweet and loving. I can see him as an engineer, he just seems to have that sort of personality.  Alot more calm and focused. Wants everything done a certain way.   Evan is like a tornado.  Chatty, Excitable, always going 100 miles an hour and into everything.  Everyone is right, we have a mini- Bill and a mini-me.  There is no denying Evan is mine, he even looks like me, well alot more than Aden does.
But the fights!  The constant fighting and arguing.  Imust say though Aden’s penchant for arguing comes from me.  Bill, when I first met him, wouldn’t argue with me at all.  But he will now.  I think somewhere about 7-8 years ago, he finally understood that I need to argue. I’m not very particular about the subject.  No fighting about normal crap that married people are supposed to fight about, just arguing. We don’t fight. Our latest argument was about the Israelis, Putin, North Korea and the Palestinians.  Go figure.  We just don’t fight like normal couples.  And we tend to argue about things that no one can win.  Who was better for Israel?  Netanyahu? or Sharon?  These are the issues that we argue about.  We tend to switch sides alot too.  The Netanyahu/ Sharon debate finally ended in a draw.  We decided that we liked both of them and they should be merged into one person.  The best of both worlds.  “We are going to kill everyone’  tempered by ‘Let’s just talk about it first’. 

North Korea and South Korea are a bit of mixed bag for us. So that just ended up with a ‘I have no idea what should be done about North Korea, but someone should think of something quick, sort of deal.

Mr. Putin. Well, I have enough to say about him that I would be blogging for weeks.  So I’ll just say now that I like him, I don’t always agree with his methods, But, I have a hard time not comparing him to Peter the Great.  I have always been a big fan of Russian history.

I guess I should be done for now.  I’m gonna miss doing this.  This would be a good time to have a laptop lol.  But, I have pen and paper right next to my bed, just in case I have any amusing thoughts I want to blog about whenever it is that I am able to get back on the computer.  Which I hope is not longer than a month lol. 

I’ve been threatened within an inch of my life several times already, if I over do it too quickly and end up hurting myself or rip out stitches.  I am starting to belive my doctor might in fact really kick my ass. So, I will try and behave.  Its gonna be hard, but I will try.

Finally gave the dog a bath.  Now she doesn’t stink but the rest of house still does.  Hopefully with generous usage of pinesol I can fix that today.
I can see I am stalling so I’ll stop lol. 
Have a good time, I’ll write when I can.
And always remember….
Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!

>The Countdown Continues…2 days left

>Things finally seem to be coming together. Still don’t know exactly what time I will have to arrive at the hospital, probably won’t hear from the surgery people till Thursday, I guess they like surprises.  But I do know my Doctor so I am guessing it will be at the butt crack of dawn. 
Finally got a call back from Aden’s speech teacher and she’ll get his schedule switched around so he can start riding the bus next week.  I’ll hear from her this afternoon and that will be one more think to cross off the list.
Even though I can barely close the freezer, I froze 2 more dinners yesterday.  Nothing exciting, just some chicken noodle soup and taco meat.  I did some figuring and reckon (because that’s how its done) that if we would have eaten all the packages of ribs and the turkey earlier, I would have plenty of room.  There was a tremendous sale in august on pork ribs, and since meat is pretty much meat to us, we stocked up.  Bill used to gets a turkey every thanksgiving from work so that should explain the turkey. 
I know I should have just cooked the turkey, but I don’t really like turkey, and its all the way at the bottom of the freezer and I am not supposed to be lifting anything over 5 pounds.  The Turkey in all its frozen splendor is probably around 25 pounds.  What are we going to do with a turkey that big???  I am not sure I even know enough people to invite over to try and eat the thing.
Oooo…  Just had an idea!!!!!!!  Hold on to your socks and bubble gum folks this one is good.
I have some friends who are getting married this summer!!!  What about a turkey for a wedding present???  huh?  yeah your right, not so good.  They would prefer money.  oh well, no one really wants to cook a turkey in summer anyway. 

Moving right along.  We have finally nailed down exactly what all the Doctor is planning on doing during this surgery, there is a chance there will be another surgery 10 days after this one on Friday, I’ll explain later on.

So, after I am all prepped and my bladder is full of lovely blue dye, the first order of business is to check to see if any new adhesions formed where he removed them last time.  He said that if they were going to grow back and if the barriers failed to work on me, we’ll know Friday. Next, check the gallbladder, again.  I am still having pain in that area so everyone is still leaning on it being shot even though the tests are all coming up negative.  He would go ahead and take it out, to be on the safe side, but the insurance company is throwing a fit about it.  If the tests show it is fine, then I must be imagining things, like I was imagining the pelvic pain, yea.  Next, he will attempt to separate my stomach, uterus & bladder from my abdominal wall.  This will be when we will or rather he, I shouldn’t be aware of anything, will know if he is going to have to cut me from end to end.  Last time he couldn’t do it laproscopically, but since now he knows what he is dealing with, he is going to try.  Either way the surgery will continue.  He’ll separate those, remove the uterus and start working on the ovaries.  These are a complete mess.  Covered with those vein things, he hopes he can save them.  They are also covered with adhesions.  He will either be able to save both, one or none, won’t know until he tries.  Once everything is out that is coming out, he will look for any endometriosis that he didn’t get last time, just to make sure he gets it all.  Because if he misses any, it will keep on doing its thing and I’ll keep having pain.  He’ll then look for any other adhesions, veins, or issues that he can take care of.  If the barrier’s worked that he applied during the last surgery, he will do exactly the same this time to try and prevent them.
If they worked then there is a really good shot that it will work again.  He is considering going back in to check in about 10 day after this surgery to see if they are growing back. That’s just a little outpatient surgery, they put me out and look and I am home by lunch, to sleep the rest of the day.  But he is not sure if that will be necessary since he should be able to gauge how effective the barriers are with me, from what he sees this time.
Best case scenario, I am in and out of surgery in about 4 hours and home in about 28.  Worst case, I die which of course isn’t an option anyone wants to explore, so maybe I should list 2nd to worst case, which will be that surgery will take longer and I’ll have to stay in the hospital a week or so.  I really hate staying in the hospital.  The food is generally not very good and the beds are horribly uncomfortable. I tend to get bored easy.  Even with the c-sections, they couldn’t get me to stay longer than 36 hours.  As soon as I can walk I am trying to escape. But, this time I have things to keep me occupied, I think.  I have lots of books, movies and my knitting.  I finished the hat so now I am going to make a blanket. It will be a funky looking blanket because I am letting the boys help me decide what colors to use.  So it will be forest green for me, red for Aden, blue for Evan and possible yellow for Bill, still undecided on the 4th color. 
Have lots of sewing I need to catch up so that is all piled in my room, ready to go.  Mostly its pants for Aden.  Since he’s pretty short and skinny in the waist, I need to take in alot of his pants so they don’t fall off of him.  Have some stuff to mend of my own too.  I am hoping that I have a productive recovery time.  Just in case I get any astounding ideas, there is a notebook and pen next to the bed.  Although I imagine if I do write anything, deciphering my drug muddled thoughts later will be a chore. 
Down to the last 2 loads of laundry and then its no longer my responsibility for a while.  So, it seems that everything is finally coming together.  Didn’t get around to interviewing any possible future wives for Bill, just in case, but hey I can’t be expected to do everything!  I did stock the freezer, clean the house and did all of the laundry, I think that is enough.  Surely they can take care of themselves for a month or so. 
I do wish we had animal planet though.  I really did love that show Meerkat Manor.  I wonder if its still on or if I can get the DVDs at the library?  I’ll have to check.  Nothing like an animal soap opera.  I watched all of the first season and about half of the second. 
I’ll need to give Sam a bath today and wash her bedding, she is really stinky. Actually, I’ll soap her up and the boys will actually wash her.  Its pretty funny.  I just throw them all in tub after dinner. Then after Sam is clean, she will jump out on her own, we’ll clean out the tub real quick and the boys can then take a bath.  I was really surprised at how much she likes taking a bath.  Sometimes she will just jump in the tub when the boys are taking a bath. 
Okay I am just rambling.  I tend to do that when I get all nervy, so I’ll get off here and start getting the boys some craft and activity stuff together for next week.  Bill has a very long ‘Honey-Do’ list, for next week.  Its mostly the stuff I just didn’t want to do.  hehehehe.  I know that is bad, but I don’t really care. 
I may or may not do one last blog tomorrow…. won’t know till then.

>Why New Years Resolutions

>I personally believe New Year’s Resolutions are a load of crap.  Really, what’s the point???  If you really want to do something, you’ll do it.   Why the whole deal of announcing what you want to do in the new year?

I don’t get it, could just be me.

But, because I am such a team player, I have come up with some things I will suggest to myself to do in this, the new year.
Excited aren’t you?

So here are my top ten;

1.  Call Sylvia Brown and have her come over and tell me who “it wasn’t me” is.  Surely she knows, doesn’t she know everything???  She says she does, so I’ll go with an expert. This shit has got to stop.  Really!  Just now I wondered why it was warmer outside, checked the Thermostat and it was set on 57 degree…. Of course I didn’t do it, I am fairly sure Bill didn’t, and since Sam and the cats all are without thumbs, I am guessing they didn’t either.  That leaves Evan and Aden.  My money is on Evan.  Of course when I ask I get “It wasn’t me” out of both of them.

2.  Exact Revenge on my Dryer.  I am going to get back at that dryer. I put 2 socks in, 1 sock comes out.  Sometimes the socks reappear mysteriously in another load of laundry.  It could be some strange inter-dimensional pocket, in the dryer, or possibly even a portal to hell and demons are stealing socks for some nefarious purpose.  Whatever the case I am thinking that I will only put one sock in at a time.. Yes, I am aware that this little plan could backfire horribly and I will lose all of the socks.  But, it does beat my original plan of putting a stick of lite dynamite in the socks, then putting them in the dryer.  I decided against that because I don’t want to piss Mama cat off.  She doesn’t like loud noises.  Truthfully, she terrifies me.

3.  Send out Holiday cards in June.  I just figure since the stores start the Holiday season earlier and earlier every year, we should start hearing Christmas music about June 10th.  So, I am going to mail out all of my cards then.   I don’t like being left out.

4.  Drink more Wine and Eat more Chocolate.  I don’t think this needs any explaining. These are important, you would know why if you know my sweet darling children.

5.  Join a cult.  Really not kidding, I think this would be very entertaining.  Diversity is the key!  Maybe if I can’t find a really good cult, I’ll just start one of my own. I have some pretty good ideas.  Maybe we could just revive one of the old Roman gods, I am thinking Dionysus

6.  Drink more Wine and Eat more Chocolate.

7. Cover my ceilings and walls with velcro.

8. Go to Walmart and glue quarters on the floor.

9.  Figure out a way to make my kids and the dog actually listen and do what they are told to do.  Not sure what expert I should call on that one.  Super Nanny is apparently too busy helping poor mothers that have live in nanny’s and grandparents that come over every day to help me.

10.  Drink more Wine.

There we go.  Wonderful suggestions to myself for this year 🙂

>4 days left & Houston We Have a PROBLEM!!!

>Okay so its Monday, which is normally a pretty crappy day without any help from me. But, it seems that I have been a little too productive.  My goal was to have 42 days worth of dinners in the freezer by Thursday.  We have a small chest freezer.  It is now just about full.  I have about 10 inches of space till I hit the door.  I still have a ton of crap to make.  But seeing it full does make me feel all giggly.  But, I probably should have taken into consideration the size of the freezer.
Just put the rest of the bread in the freezer and I am officially out of room!
Dammit.  That puts a halt on my little plans lol.  Oh well, it was an ambitious plan anyway, but on the bright side, there is already a ton of crap of eat.  I’ll just have to set a world’s record in healing!  Two weeks ought to do it, it will have to, I am pretty sure I am only going to get two weeks before all of my help disappears.  It could be worse.

The boys refuse to be quiet this morning.  Bill is gonna be really cranky.  I imagine it is like trying to sleep through military maneuvers, on a bomb range. 

Still suffering bouts of  freaking out.  I am sure everything will be fine.  Maybe I should do a will just in case ;)-  You know, just to get some amusement out of it. I have some great ideas on what I would leave to people., I get a giggle just thinking about it.

Back to my issues of the day.  After I spent almost 2 hours making sure their dresser drawers were all sorted & everything was nice and neat, Evan decides to go in and get a pair of pants.  Apparently, he was unable to do that without throwing everything out of the drawer and onto the floor. 
I live with monkeys.
At least the amount of poop throwing has decreased to a tolerable level. Which just means that it doesn’t happen very often now.

I have gathered up all of the movies Iove to watch.  I am pretty sure that my sleeping schedule is about to be completely turned upside down, so I should have a chance to watch them while the boys are sleeping.

I have chosen the following and will list now, whether you care or not 🙂

Bruce Campbell.  Ah Bruce, the man, the undisputed King of B Movies.  I so love Bruce.  I have a 12″ ‘Ash Doll complete with Boomstick and chainsaw.
I first fell in love with Bruce, while watching the original Evil Dead movie.  I quickly became obsessed.  I own them all.   The absolute best of young Bruce.  I also plan of watching Alien Apocalypse, which I admit I have never watch all of and Bubba Ho-Tep- outragously funny.
All while cuddling my Ash Doll, okay so I probably won’t be cuddling my Ash doll, I rarely take him out of his box, but he is in my bedroom, right were I can gaze lovingly upon him.   ****Sigh**** 

I know there were  some other movies, but really, I don’t care now, its all about Bruce now.

I even love him on Burn Notice. 

Now that I am thinking all happy thoughts I think I’ll go get busy now.

Shop Smart People!

>Happy New Year!

>Well, it appears we survived yet another year.  Stayed up last night till about 9:30 pm.  Couldn’t bear to watch the backstreet boys or New kids on the block.  Did see The interview with the new kids.  Shouldn’t they consider changing their name?  They are certainly not new anymore.  But I shouldn’t really say anything I really didn’t like them when they first came out.
I also didn’t want to see Dick Clark.  But we did wait to see that Ke$ha person.  Interesting.  I had never heard of her or heard the song.  Catchy, but a little odd.  Spent most of the performance trying to figure out who out of the group was male & who was female.  Bill and I finally settled on 2 of the performers were definitely male, two female and Ke$ha we remained undecided.  But she kept hopping around so much we couldn’t get a good look.  It could have been a guy that was very good at tucking 🙂  I think its a girl though, voice is to  high.  Anyway it was interesting, I think I will check out some of her other music.  But I don’t understand why toward the end of the song, they all beat up a bunny rabbit pinata.  It was disturbing.  I think there was a hidden message there. 

New Year’s Resolutions.

Nope, pointless really.  I could say alot of crap, that I probably won’t do, but I won’t.  I did get a Knifty Knitter, I’ll just pause a second while you laugh.
All done now?  Okay so I figure, I am thinking that after the surgery I will be so doped up that I am too stupid to focus enough to read. So I figure while I wait on the couch I can knit!  Supposedly, this knifty knitty is so easy a kid can do it.  I’ll kept you posted.
But just in case I did stock up on books.  J.D. Robb, the newest one, 2 Mercedes Lackey, 2 James Patterson, and 2 more R.A. Salvatore.  That should at least get me through the 1st week.
I officially now have 10 meals in the freezer!  Today we’ll head out and do the last of the grocery shopping and I can really get busy.  6 days, 42 meals?  I can do it.  The laundry is pretty much caught up the last 2 loads are going now. I am sure there will be more this week, but only a load or two. 
I think I will be all ready for this.  Still suffering some lingering doubts, mostly stemming I am sure from the fact that I am not all the comfortable with being out for as long as this surgery is going to require.  I would probably feel better if the Doctor seemed more confident that he could get everything done in under 6 hours.  We’ll see.  I just have to have a little faith.  Why did I say that! now George Michael will be stuck in my head all day.  Hey what every happened to him?  Did he ever get with Boy George?  I always had hopes that they would meet and fall madly in love!  They just seemed like they were meant for each other.  Like Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie, (boy that just tore me up, very sad),  Burt & Ernie, Fred & Ginger, The Professor & Maryanne.
Oh well, last I heard Boy George was a DJ in Miami.  Wish I had known that when I was in Florida, I would have made the trip to see him!

Want to make a run to Walmart, check out yarn prices 🙂  I figure today will be a good day to shop, most people should be hung over and at home.
Well that’s my thinking anyway.  So only the grocery store and walmart, then back home to get busy, cooking.
This is a very boring post.  I don’t have anything of interest to share.  I probably peaked with the Church Ladies. 
Alrightly then I guess I’ll go get busy.