>Happy New Year!

>Well, it appears we survived yet another year.  Stayed up last night till about 9:30 pm.  Couldn’t bear to watch the backstreet boys or New kids on the block.  Did see The interview with the new kids.  Shouldn’t they consider changing their name?  They are certainly not new anymore.  But I shouldn’t really say anything I really didn’t like them when they first came out.
I also didn’t want to see Dick Clark.  But we did wait to see that Ke$ha person.  Interesting.  I had never heard of her or heard the song.  Catchy, but a little odd.  Spent most of the performance trying to figure out who out of the group was male & who was female.  Bill and I finally settled on 2 of the performers were definitely male, two female and Ke$ha we remained undecided.  But she kept hopping around so much we couldn’t get a good look.  It could have been a guy that was very good at tucking 🙂  I think its a girl though, voice is to  high.  Anyway it was interesting, I think I will check out some of her other music.  But I don’t understand why toward the end of the song, they all beat up a bunny rabbit pinata.  It was disturbing.  I think there was a hidden message there. 

New Year’s Resolutions.

Nope, pointless really.  I could say alot of crap, that I probably won’t do, but I won’t.  I did get a Knifty Knitter, I’ll just pause a second while you laugh.
All done now?  Okay so I figure, I am thinking that after the surgery I will be so doped up that I am too stupid to focus enough to read. So I figure while I wait on the couch I can knit!  Supposedly, this knifty knitty is so easy a kid can do it.  I’ll kept you posted.
But just in case I did stock up on books.  J.D. Robb, the newest one, 2 Mercedes Lackey, 2 James Patterson, and 2 more R.A. Salvatore.  That should at least get me through the 1st week.
I officially now have 10 meals in the freezer!  Today we’ll head out and do the last of the grocery shopping and I can really get busy.  6 days, 42 meals?  I can do it.  The laundry is pretty much caught up the last 2 loads are going now. I am sure there will be more this week, but only a load or two. 
I think I will be all ready for this.  Still suffering some lingering doubts, mostly stemming I am sure from the fact that I am not all the comfortable with being out for as long as this surgery is going to require.  I would probably feel better if the Doctor seemed more confident that he could get everything done in under 6 hours.  We’ll see.  I just have to have a little faith.  Why did I say that! now George Michael will be stuck in my head all day.  Hey what every happened to him?  Did he ever get with Boy George?  I always had hopes that they would meet and fall madly in love!  They just seemed like they were meant for each other.  Like Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie, (boy that just tore me up, very sad),  Burt & Ernie, Fred & Ginger, The Professor & Maryanne.
Oh well, last I heard Boy George was a DJ in Miami.  Wish I had known that when I was in Florida, I would have made the trip to see him!

Want to make a run to Walmart, check out yarn prices 🙂  I figure today will be a good day to shop, most people should be hung over and at home.
Well that’s my thinking anyway.  So only the grocery store and walmart, then back home to get busy, cooking.
This is a very boring post.  I don’t have anything of interest to share.  I probably peaked with the Church Ladies. 
Alrightly then I guess I’ll go get busy. 

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