>4 days left & Houston We Have a PROBLEM!!!

>Okay so its Monday, which is normally a pretty crappy day without any help from me. But, it seems that I have been a little too productive.  My goal was to have 42 days worth of dinners in the freezer by Thursday.  We have a small chest freezer.  It is now just about full.  I have about 10 inches of space till I hit the door.  I still have a ton of crap to make.  But seeing it full does make me feel all giggly.  But, I probably should have taken into consideration the size of the freezer.
Just put the rest of the bread in the freezer and I am officially out of room!
Dammit.  That puts a halt on my little plans lol.  Oh well, it was an ambitious plan anyway, but on the bright side, there is already a ton of crap of eat.  I’ll just have to set a world’s record in healing!  Two weeks ought to do it, it will have to, I am pretty sure I am only going to get two weeks before all of my help disappears.  It could be worse.

The boys refuse to be quiet this morning.  Bill is gonna be really cranky.  I imagine it is like trying to sleep through military maneuvers, on a bomb range. 

Still suffering bouts of  freaking out.  I am sure everything will be fine.  Maybe I should do a will just in case ;)-  You know, just to get some amusement out of it. I have some great ideas on what I would leave to people., I get a giggle just thinking about it.

Back to my issues of the day.  After I spent almost 2 hours making sure their dresser drawers were all sorted & everything was nice and neat, Evan decides to go in and get a pair of pants.  Apparently, he was unable to do that without throwing everything out of the drawer and onto the floor. 
I live with monkeys.
At least the amount of poop throwing has decreased to a tolerable level. Which just means that it doesn’t happen very often now.

I have gathered up all of the movies Iove to watch.  I am pretty sure that my sleeping schedule is about to be completely turned upside down, so I should have a chance to watch them while the boys are sleeping.

I have chosen the following and will list now, whether you care or not 🙂

Bruce Campbell.  Ah Bruce, the man, the undisputed King of B Movies.  I so love Bruce.  I have a 12″ ‘Ash Doll complete with Boomstick and chainsaw.
I first fell in love with Bruce, while watching the original Evil Dead movie.  I quickly became obsessed.  I own them all.   The absolute best of young Bruce.  I also plan of watching Alien Apocalypse, which I admit I have never watch all of and Bubba Ho-Tep- outragously funny.
All while cuddling my Ash Doll, okay so I probably won’t be cuddling my Ash doll, I rarely take him out of his box, but he is in my bedroom, right were I can gaze lovingly upon him.   ****Sigh**** 

I know there were  some other movies, but really, I don’t care now, its all about Bruce now.

I even love him on Burn Notice. 

Now that I am thinking all happy thoughts I think I’ll go get busy now.

Shop Smart People!


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