>The Countdown Continues…2 days left

>Things finally seem to be coming together. Still don’t know exactly what time I will have to arrive at the hospital, probably won’t hear from the surgery people till Thursday, I guess they like surprises.  But I do know my Doctor so I am guessing it will be at the butt crack of dawn. 
Finally got a call back from Aden’s speech teacher and she’ll get his schedule switched around so he can start riding the bus next week.  I’ll hear from her this afternoon and that will be one more think to cross off the list.
Even though I can barely close the freezer, I froze 2 more dinners yesterday.  Nothing exciting, just some chicken noodle soup and taco meat.  I did some figuring and reckon (because that’s how its done) that if we would have eaten all the packages of ribs and the turkey earlier, I would have plenty of room.  There was a tremendous sale in august on pork ribs, and since meat is pretty much meat to us, we stocked up.  Bill used to gets a turkey every thanksgiving from work so that should explain the turkey. 
I know I should have just cooked the turkey, but I don’t really like turkey, and its all the way at the bottom of the freezer and I am not supposed to be lifting anything over 5 pounds.  The Turkey in all its frozen splendor is probably around 25 pounds.  What are we going to do with a turkey that big???  I am not sure I even know enough people to invite over to try and eat the thing.
Oooo…  Just had an idea!!!!!!!  Hold on to your socks and bubble gum folks this one is good.
I have some friends who are getting married this summer!!!  What about a turkey for a wedding present???  huh?  yeah your right, not so good.  They would prefer money.  oh well, no one really wants to cook a turkey in summer anyway. 

Moving right along.  We have finally nailed down exactly what all the Doctor is planning on doing during this surgery, there is a chance there will be another surgery 10 days after this one on Friday, I’ll explain later on.

So, after I am all prepped and my bladder is full of lovely blue dye, the first order of business is to check to see if any new adhesions formed where he removed them last time.  He said that if they were going to grow back and if the barriers failed to work on me, we’ll know Friday. Next, check the gallbladder, again.  I am still having pain in that area so everyone is still leaning on it being shot even though the tests are all coming up negative.  He would go ahead and take it out, to be on the safe side, but the insurance company is throwing a fit about it.  If the tests show it is fine, then I must be imagining things, like I was imagining the pelvic pain, yea.  Next, he will attempt to separate my stomach, uterus & bladder from my abdominal wall.  This will be when we will or rather he, I shouldn’t be aware of anything, will know if he is going to have to cut me from end to end.  Last time he couldn’t do it laproscopically, but since now he knows what he is dealing with, he is going to try.  Either way the surgery will continue.  He’ll separate those, remove the uterus and start working on the ovaries.  These are a complete mess.  Covered with those vein things, he hopes he can save them.  They are also covered with adhesions.  He will either be able to save both, one or none, won’t know until he tries.  Once everything is out that is coming out, he will look for any endometriosis that he didn’t get last time, just to make sure he gets it all.  Because if he misses any, it will keep on doing its thing and I’ll keep having pain.  He’ll then look for any other adhesions, veins, or issues that he can take care of.  If the barrier’s worked that he applied during the last surgery, he will do exactly the same this time to try and prevent them.
If they worked then there is a really good shot that it will work again.  He is considering going back in to check in about 10 day after this surgery to see if they are growing back. That’s just a little outpatient surgery, they put me out and look and I am home by lunch, to sleep the rest of the day.  But he is not sure if that will be necessary since he should be able to gauge how effective the barriers are with me, from what he sees this time.
Best case scenario, I am in and out of surgery in about 4 hours and home in about 28.  Worst case, I die which of course isn’t an option anyone wants to explore, so maybe I should list 2nd to worst case, which will be that surgery will take longer and I’ll have to stay in the hospital a week or so.  I really hate staying in the hospital.  The food is generally not very good and the beds are horribly uncomfortable. I tend to get bored easy.  Even with the c-sections, they couldn’t get me to stay longer than 36 hours.  As soon as I can walk I am trying to escape. But, this time I have things to keep me occupied, I think.  I have lots of books, movies and my knitting.  I finished the hat so now I am going to make a blanket. It will be a funky looking blanket because I am letting the boys help me decide what colors to use.  So it will be forest green for me, red for Aden, blue for Evan and possible yellow for Bill, still undecided on the 4th color. 
Have lots of sewing I need to catch up so that is all piled in my room, ready to go.  Mostly its pants for Aden.  Since he’s pretty short and skinny in the waist, I need to take in alot of his pants so they don’t fall off of him.  Have some stuff to mend of my own too.  I am hoping that I have a productive recovery time.  Just in case I get any astounding ideas, there is a notebook and pen next to the bed.  Although I imagine if I do write anything, deciphering my drug muddled thoughts later will be a chore. 
Down to the last 2 loads of laundry and then its no longer my responsibility for a while.  So, it seems that everything is finally coming together.  Didn’t get around to interviewing any possible future wives for Bill, just in case, but hey I can’t be expected to do everything!  I did stock the freezer, clean the house and did all of the laundry, I think that is enough.  Surely they can take care of themselves for a month or so. 
I do wish we had animal planet though.  I really did love that show Meerkat Manor.  I wonder if its still on or if I can get the DVDs at the library?  I’ll have to check.  Nothing like an animal soap opera.  I watched all of the first season and about half of the second. 
I’ll need to give Sam a bath today and wash her bedding, she is really stinky. Actually, I’ll soap her up and the boys will actually wash her.  Its pretty funny.  I just throw them all in tub after dinner. Then after Sam is clean, she will jump out on her own, we’ll clean out the tub real quick and the boys can then take a bath.  I was really surprised at how much she likes taking a bath.  Sometimes she will just jump in the tub when the boys are taking a bath. 
Okay I am just rambling.  I tend to do that when I get all nervy, so I’ll get off here and start getting the boys some craft and activity stuff together for next week.  Bill has a very long ‘Honey-Do’ list, for next week.  Its mostly the stuff I just didn’t want to do.  hehehehe.  I know that is bad, but I don’t really care. 
I may or may not do one last blog tomorrow…. won’t know till then.

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