>Last Day, last Blog for awhile

>Ah its finally the last day before surgery.  Strangely enough I am not thinking about it to much other than to try and remember the hospital is supposed to call today and if they don’t I have to call back the doctor, those sort of little details is all. 
I am pretty much going to end up with not a lot to do today.  The sheets need changed, but I can’t do that till Bill gets up and that probably won’t be till around noon, since he just rolled in the door about 6 am.  Vacuuming is also on the list but that will also have to wait till later as well.  So I guess that makes me about as ready as I am gonna get.  I could work on my knitting, that makes me feel really old to say. 
Finally got Aden’s bus schedule thing all sorted out, so he’ll start riding the bus next week.  I think he will like it.  The boys are so excited to see Nana and Papa tomorrow!  But then why wouldn’t they be???  Aden talked Nana into making him mac & cheese so she is bringing that.  The original Spiderman movie may be showing up as well but I am pretty conflicted about whether or not to let them watch it.  Bill thinks Aden would do alright and Evan’s not an issue because he won’t watching anything with real people in it.  I guess ultimately it will daddy’s decision, which I am very glad of, I can’t decide.  At this rate they will 30 before I decide they can watch it.  I think the problem for me is I can’t really remember the movie, I know it wasn’t that bad. I just am not sure if Aden will understand what he is watching or if he will get all freaked out by something.  Who knows.  They both thought Labyrinth was awesome.  Well it was, but I was surprised that Evan even watched it.  But it did have puppets and goblin puppets at that, so it makes sense, sort of.  Evan is having a bit of a fascination with goblins.  We have read several books with goblins since Halloween, mostly the non-scary type.  He thinks he is the Goblin King.  It could happen.  David Bowie is getting up there a bit. 
So Dish Network called yesterday.  Wanted to know if we were ready to come back.  The guy said they had several great “deals” going on and he was just sure they could find something perfect for us.
I said “Sure, I know exactly what deal I am interested in”.  you could just hear him perk up.  **evil laughing**  He just go so excited.  He actually thought I was going to sign back up.  He said, “well what package are you interested in?”  I said, ” I want the deal that has all of the channels, all of them, including local and the free premium channels for 3 months, free DVR and I want everything completely free for 24 months, is that package available?”  Stunned silence.

I really hate that.  I was hoping for better out of this guy.  He really sounded like an awesome telemarketer, someone who really could think on his feet.  Nah, wrong guy.  With complete seriousness, he told me that they don’t have a package like that, that he is aware of.  But he would be happy to get his manager.  I said sure I’d sure be happy to hold.
I did hold but after about 2 minutes just hung up.  I don’t think the guy got my little joke.  But it was a nice little bit of mid-afternoon entertainment and it was completely free, on my end at least.

I really would have signed back up, if they would have given me 2 years free with everything I wanted.

Aden takes after his daddy alot.  He is really good at math and has surprised us by not only learning to count really early, but is doing addition and subtraction.  No, I am not going to start going on about how’s some kind of genius or anything, he is just good at math.  He doesn’t get it from me.  He can count to 100 and he can add and subtract single digit numbers without alot of problems.  We’ve been doing homeschool preschool this past year, mostly for Evan, who was a bit behind in alot of things because Aden does everything for him.  But Aden gets bored really easily so one day I just printed out some 1st grad addition problems for  him, explained what he was supposed to do and left him to it while I worked with Evan on the alphabet.  He did it in about 10 minutes and it was about 20 problems.  I was stunned.  So it just kind of progressed on its own from there.  I don’t push him, if he doesn’t want to, fine.  But, lately he has been bugging me with math problems like whats 3+3+3+3+3+3.  I don’t like math, I don’t think its fun at all, he does.  So I figured that it was time to introduce some multiplication, thinking that might amuse him for a minute or two.  He only kinda gets it, but can now do 2’s up to 20.  Maybe I should teach him to knit.  He can do everything up to using the metal hook to connect the rows.  But because I know him, I don’t think giving him a sharp metal object is a really good idea, especially if Evan is around.  Maybe I will get him one of those pot holder maker things, with the fabric loops.  I had one, and you can never have enough pot holders.
Evan seems to be less of a scholar although he is starting to recognize some words and can read a little bit.  Almost as well as Aden, there is probably a 10 word difference between them.  Evan is alot more physical.  Our little future linebacker.  Don’t see a college or NFL career out of him, because I doubt if he’ll be much taller than Bill, but you never know.  There are some really tall men on Bill’s Mom’s side of the family.  Even though he was alot more skinny than Aden was, in the last year he has really filled out.  They are now the same height and only about a 2 pound difference between them.  Alot of people think they are twins, but I don’t see it.
They are like night and day.  Aden is dramatic but very sweet and loving. I can see him as an engineer, he just seems to have that sort of personality.  Alot more calm and focused. Wants everything done a certain way.   Evan is like a tornado.  Chatty, Excitable, always going 100 miles an hour and into everything.  Everyone is right, we have a mini- Bill and a mini-me.  There is no denying Evan is mine, he even looks like me, well alot more than Aden does.
But the fights!  The constant fighting and arguing.  Imust say though Aden’s penchant for arguing comes from me.  Bill, when I first met him, wouldn’t argue with me at all.  But he will now.  I think somewhere about 7-8 years ago, he finally understood that I need to argue. I’m not very particular about the subject.  No fighting about normal crap that married people are supposed to fight about, just arguing. We don’t fight. Our latest argument was about the Israelis, Putin, North Korea and the Palestinians.  Go figure.  We just don’t fight like normal couples.  And we tend to argue about things that no one can win.  Who was better for Israel?  Netanyahu? or Sharon?  These are the issues that we argue about.  We tend to switch sides alot too.  The Netanyahu/ Sharon debate finally ended in a draw.  We decided that we liked both of them and they should be merged into one person.  The best of both worlds.  “We are going to kill everyone’  tempered by ‘Let’s just talk about it first’. 

North Korea and South Korea are a bit of mixed bag for us. So that just ended up with a ‘I have no idea what should be done about North Korea, but someone should think of something quick, sort of deal.

Mr. Putin. Well, I have enough to say about him that I would be blogging for weeks.  So I’ll just say now that I like him, I don’t always agree with his methods, But, I have a hard time not comparing him to Peter the Great.  I have always been a big fan of Russian history.

I guess I should be done for now.  I’m gonna miss doing this.  This would be a good time to have a laptop lol.  But, I have pen and paper right next to my bed, just in case I have any amusing thoughts I want to blog about whenever it is that I am able to get back on the computer.  Which I hope is not longer than a month lol. 

I’ve been threatened within an inch of my life several times already, if I over do it too quickly and end up hurting myself or rip out stitches.  I am starting to belive my doctor might in fact really kick my ass. So, I will try and behave.  Its gonna be hard, but I will try.

Finally gave the dog a bath.  Now she doesn’t stink but the rest of house still does.  Hopefully with generous usage of pinesol I can fix that today.
I can see I am stalling so I’ll stop lol. 
Have a good time, I’ll write when I can.
And always remember….
Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!


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