>I survived

>Well as you can see I survived the surgery lol.  Actually it went pretty well considering.  No major complications and nothing really surprising.
The doctor tried for 3 hours to do everything without opening me all the way up, but at the 3 hour mark he knew it was a lost cause, but I have to give him credit for trying and he was able to do almost everything he needed to do before he sliced me from hip to hip, literally.  He said that once he got in it was only about a 15 minute deal to get my uterus out.  Closing me back up, however, proved a bit of a challenge.  It is a bit hard to sew through that much scar tissue lol.  But sew he did, every layer of skin, except the outside one, he used staples there.  I did get my ‘I told you so’ when the incision opened back up. 
So the surgery went well.  Friday day and night was hell in the hospital.  I had some trouble with my blood pressure being too low and took my sweet ass time waking up from anesthesia. Managed to get a couple of infections right off, in spite of the very liberal doses of antibiotics in the hospital. 

It has never taken me this long to write one little blog, but I can only sit here for about 3 minutes.

So right now at the beginning of 3 weeks, still have an infection somewhere, still running a fever, not high, incision is looking good.  Okay so maybe I should amend that.  The incision is healing well and is just about closed up.  It looks hideous.  I don’t mind though, I threw out the bikini officially last summer, I have no business being in one anyway lol. back to the med stuff.  It appears as if I may have an active bleed somewhere so we are going to check that Wednesday morning via sonogram.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t lead to opening me up to have a little look-see.  On the bright side, because there is almost always one, Doctor said now that I am all cleaned out, if he does need to go back in and look at least  he’ll be able to see now. 
Whatever, I’ll find out tomorrow.  Aunt Jana had to go home, but Nana came up to take her place for the rest of the week.  The boys are still thrilled! 
Evan gets to ride the bus for the first time today, so that should be fun, he is so excited.  Everything is going pretty well I guess.  The house is still standing and overall I have to say that Bill is an excellent house mom.  I was so impressed I offered him the job full time if he wants it.  He declined lol. 
I have become addicted to court tv shows.  Even stayed up late one night, about 7 pm, and got sucked into the Bachelor. It still sucked, but its amazing what is amusing when you are under the influence of drugs and too lazy to yell at someone to get you the remote.  Tons of new and exciting stuff has happened over the last few weeks, but I’ll leave that for another time.
It’s nap time lol

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