>Enough Already!

>  I am  starting to feel like a high school science class project. Today, I get to go back to the hospital to have a pelvic sonogram, some more blood work and possibly some fun little activities that involve really big needles. 
I know you are so jealous right, Still, after 3 weeks of continuous antibiotics, I continue to run a fever. So, my brilliant doctor (really not being sarcastic this time) wants to take a little look.  Fine, look away.  Its when he makes little comments like, “we could do a little laproscopic surgery” that I start to get all figety. No see, now I have issues with that.  I really think inflating me with alot of gas so you can look around is really gonna hurt right now.  I would really rather not.  Maybe it is just a bleed and they will see it with the sonogram and then I can visit the dude with the big needle.  Then he can just shove that right on into my abdominal cavity and drain it.  I would rather that than the gas at this point.  I am turning into a wussy.

So That’s whats up today.  I am so excited.

Moving right along. I actually got someone in Slovenia, asking about Sam & Mama and how that’s going.
Slovenia.  Wow. But if you really want to know, who am I to keep that info from you:)
Mama appears to have chilled out a little, but she still hates everyone.  Sam is still the same.  Now, the cats are still hanging out in the back room until after bedtime, when I suspect they are coming out and patrolling the house.  Or there could be other cats breaking in and leaving cat hair all over.
It seems as if Gracie has decided to be the brave one (out of the two girls) and venture out the most. Sam is doing really good now when she sees Gracie or Mama.  She just lays down on her belly and shakes like she’s going to have a seizure.  Tons of control, very proud of her..
No blood baths lately, although, Sam was so excited to see Nana when she got here that she jumped up and scratched Nana.  There was a little blood, but Nana is fine.
Sam has a spa appointment Friday.  The only girl in the house that gets to go have her nails done and its the damn dog.  Whatever, having a manicure would be wasted on me anyway.
Monkey cat seems to still be convinced that Sam is going to eat her.  She should stop running, it only excites the dog.  Speaking of Sam, she looks like she has grow a little, so we’ll get them to weight her Friday. She is certainly not going the way of the cats and turning into a big fat, fur ball.  She doesn’t even look to have spare skin!  She is the most muscular thing I’ve ever seen.  I’m jealous!  She has muscles on her muscles 🙂  I think next year we’ll get her a pulling harness and let her pull the boys around on a sled.  She pulls them around in a laundry basket now. With her teeth!.  I stop her when I see it, but the boys think its just the best fun~.  Together they weigh almost 80 pounds (which I think is about 36 or so kilos, not really sure but keep in mind I am in the US and have a US education).
Being as bored as I am, I was reading the owners manual on the camcorder I got Bill for Christmas and discovered that I can turn off the video recording part and just talk to it, then I can plug it into the computer and download just the audio.  That’s so friggin’ cool.  Yes I am aware that this technology has probably been around awhile, I’m just not technologically advanced.  Then there is this other nifty program thingy that will convert audio files to word documents.  Outstanding!!!! Now I can talk to myself, record it, convert it and then share my insanity with the world.  That’s just so ……Shiny.
It will save time though  I think.  Right now it takes about a week to write even one blog even with my outstanding typing skills.  But its getting better.  Actually just logged about 4 minutes sitting here.   So I guess I’ll go lay down and knit some more.  Guess what everyone is getting for birthdays & holidays this year lol

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