>Delicious, yet potentially Deadly, Girl Scout Cookies!


A Florida woman is behind bars today after kicking her roommates ass over a box of Girl Scout Cookies.  The cookies were Thin Mints, so I can see how this might have happened, they are very tasty.

The Thin Mint lover is Hersha Howard.  This Collier County woman was
arrested Sunday after kicking her roommate’s ass over a box of the delicious Girl Scout cookies that she had forbidden her kids to eat.This is according to naplesnews.com.
The fight started when 31 year old Hersha accused her sleeping roommate of eating the cookies, the roommate responded by saying she had given the cookies to Hersha’s kids who had the munchies about 1 a.m.
The roommate offered to pay $10 for the cookies, but Hersha wasn’t having it and the beat down began. (I think the current price for a box of Girl Scout cookies is about $10 now so that seems fair to me) The roommate’s husband pulled Hersha off her so she could escape, but Hersha followed after her.
According to a police report, Hersha grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened the woman. When the woman started to run down some stairs, Hersha allegedly dropped the scissors, picked up a board and hit the woman as she ran down the stairs.
Hersha caught up to the woman again and knocked her to the ground and started to beat her. When the roommate managed to get outside the house, Hersha grabbed a nearby sign and started hitting her with it.
Police finally arrived and arrested Hersha, charging her with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
No word on what dessert was served in jail.

>Pat Robertson is an Idiot!!!!

>So yesterday afternoon, Evan was napping and Aden was doing his Jumpstart on the computer and I sat down for an hour of happy knitting.  Not much was on.  I was flipping through the channels and heard a little advert, something about people who “have seen the other side”.  Sure why not, nothing good is on anyway, other than the Talk so I was thinking I could flip back and forth.  So Checked the Talk, commerical flipped back to the other show.  I quickly learned that the other show was in fact, none other than…The 700 club.  AHHHHHHH
Run for your lives.  I didn’t turn the channel, I should have immediately.  I already know that its a stupid show.  I know I don’t like Pat Robertson, I doubt he has changed much over the years.  But, they showed this little boy who was talking about going to heaven and a chic who was saying she had been to hell.  I could not help myself.  I had to stay on the channel.  So they started out with a little global news, unrest in the middle east.  Yes we know, that’s not exactly news.  Nor do I personally believe the ‘unrest’ is caused by all of the ‘heathen’s not ‘heeding’ the word of God.  It was probably a good thing I was alone, because after about 2 minutes I was just livid.  Then they do a segment on Yoga.  That’s nice I thought, wrong.  Did you know that according to Pat and his cronies, Yoga is an occult practice and if you do it, you are going to HELL!!!!  Yes that’s right, Yoga is the work of Satan.  And if you think about it, it sounds just like him!  Trying to get everyone all flexible and healthy!  Damn that Satan!.
WTF Pat! Really Yoga?  It’s stretching and deep breathing. Terrible!  Well you know all of those Eastern practices are Satanic.  Karate is satanic too.  I did not know that.  I thought  it was self-defense.  I didn’t know that people who actually do karate are getting their “power'” to break boards and stuff from Satan. I had always thought it was practice and focus.  I just was not aware.  Apparently according to the Grand Master Idiot himself, all martial arts are Satanic practices.  Yep. 
Personally, I would have thought that they would have brought up Tai chi.  That has got to a Satanic practice.  All of those elderly Asians in great shape, completely healthy, up at dawn.  Very, Very suspicious!. 
(to avoid any confusion, the above was mostly sarcasm on my part, I do not in anyway, endorse Pat Robertson or anything he says, I think he is an Idiot!)
Anyway, I missed most of the Talk, which I later regretted, because really Sharon Osborne is so cute!.
But on to the reason why I was watching the 700 club, which I will never do again.  This is ‘the other side” week or something, so every day they are interviewing people who have died and gone to either heaven or hell and then came back.
And believe it or not Syliva Brown wasn’t on the show at all! I know shocking right.
 So they are interviewing this boy’s parents.  Guess what?  His dad is a preacher…WOW. Didn’t see that one coming. So when the boy was 3 his appendix burst and he died briefly or almost died (they weren’t clear) during surgery and he met Jesus, his grandfather and his baby sister that died before she was born.  Now.  I happen to have a little experience with 3 year olds, they are easy to coach.  If you tell them something enough times they will believe it.  Santa Claus is a very good example of this. Anyway I listened to these “interviews” and was not convinced.  I could go on about why I wasn’t convinced, but I’ll spare you.  But it was typical Pat Robertson bullshit.

So I was in a pissy mood all afternoon, until the boys talked me into making beads with the play dough that was getting all dry and probably only had a few days left.  That was calming. 
But I cannot for the life of me understand why people listen to Pat Robertson. 
Although I can certainly understand why there are some people in other countries, who practice religions other than Christianity, think Americans are evil.  If Pat Robertson is the example they see, it is totally understandable.
I saw nothing on the show that would lead me to believe that Christianity is a good religion.  No ‘Love thy Neighbor’, No kindness of any kind.  There was a lot of “bearing False witness against your neighbor’ . 
I can’t wait to get back to doing Yoga!  I had only thought about getting the boys in some sort of martial art, I am convinced now that they should learn karate or something!
Anyway, I need to move on.  Maybe there is a Tai Chi Group around here I can join.
But Pat Robertson is still an idiot. 🙂

>Urban Knitting

>I have no trouble admitting that I am fascinated with graffiti.  It makes waiting at railroad crossings a little less annoying, and we spend alot of time here waiting on trains to go by so we can continue down the road.  I love the colors and the designs.  Now not all graffiti is worth looking at, but every once in a while I’ll see something that is just stunning!  Some of graffiti is just pure art. But it is illegal and bearing that in mind, the real graffiti artist should find a venue that is not illegal.  Enough of the spray paint graffiti, let’s get to what kind of graffiti I am currently in love with.
Urban Knitting aka Guerrilla knitting to me is so freakin’ cool!!!!!
Check this out!

This is an abandoned Gas station  in syracuse, new york

I saw somewhere and I think it was Japan, were someone had covered a park bench.  Now that’s just flippin’ thoughtful! and the knitting on the stair rail?  Also very nice.  It’s colorful, its fun and just seems to make people people smile.

Now personally, I am not at this level of knitting, but I do have aspirations that someday, I may be good enough to do something this creative.  I probably wouldn’t do it in a public place, because this is illegal too I think.  But it would be nice to knit a few trees in the yard, just to spruce up the place a bit. 

The other day, Bill told me I might need to slow down on the knitting, so I don’t run out of things to knit…….  That does not seem like it will ever be an issue 🙂

Wonder what kind of wool they are using???  Acrylic?  Wool?  Some sort of Blend?  What weight?  I just have to wonder, what kind of wool do you use to knit on a tree?  What would the tree like?
Thinking about that ought to keep me busy today.  I’m off for my first trip out of the house since before the surgery.  Well to someplace that isn’t the hospital or doctor’s office, although I will visit the doctor this afternoon.  Hope that appointment goes well, I am tired of sitting on my ass:)

>Well before I get started with the complaining .. I have to give a little shout out to Denmark,  if we had had a contest on the most readers from countries other than the US, Denmark certainly won yesterday 🙂 Still not sure why, but alrighty then, Thanks Denmark.

Moving right along to the pressing issues of the day.
This is a bit of older news, but I just heard about it.  This 14 year old boy was expelled from school, for the entire year, for spit balls.   here is a link


I really do believe that the school was right in having a no tolerance policy on weapons.  But for weapons.  No one was hurt, the boy in question had never been in trouble before and if I heard correctly had dreams of joining ROTC and eventually going to Westpoint.  He can probably forget that now.  The boy does have a good lawyer so you never know.
But, I can’t believe that a pen that has been taken apart to use to “shoot” spitballs, even if they were little tiny plastic disk things, should be considered a weapon.
Now I really hated when I was a kid and would hear adults say things like “when I was a kid…” but I have to go there.  When I was kid and granted it has been quite awhile.  You really had to work at it to get kicked out of school.  Bill and I talked alot about it and he thinks it has alot to do with the size of the school.  He is probably right.  My graduating class had 40 people in it,  His had a few thousand.  So I can see were you might need to be alot stricter at bigger schools, I really do get that.  But, this was a 14 year old boy.  14 years old.  He is a boy.  Yeah it was stupid of him to do that, I am sure he gets that now.  But, really expelled for the entire year?  Most 14 year olds do stupid stuff.  I did stupid crap like that when I was 14. Expulsion? Not a fitting punishment.  Detention seems alot more fitting. Perhaps it would have been a fitting punishment if he had been bullying another kid or if he had taken a crossbow to school.

It makes me nervous that the school in question, who does have alot of room to interpret the Gun Law, choose to classify this as weapon.
It makes me even more nervous when I think about my kids going to school.  Especially my youngest who seems to excel in stupid behavair.  But he is also being a boy.
Another case that really bothers me is a case of some kindergartens who were on the play ground and were using their hands as ‘guns’ and they were pretending to shoot each other.  5 and 6 year olds.  Yes it is not appropriate behavior, but these are little boys.  They were also kicked out of school.  I may be confused a little about why kids go to school, but isn’t it to learn?  How about the teacher take the boys aside, call in their parents and everyone can sit down and discuss why you don’t pretend to shoot someone.
Kicking a kindergartner out of school for that seems a bit harsh.  I saw that and am very concerned about my boys.  They are pretty rowdy.  Should I just plan on homeschooling them because I am sure they will do things that are stupid.  Do I need to worry about them getting kicked out of school because Aden has a thing about screaming and throwing a fit if someone doesn’t play a game the way he wants it to be played?  Or that Evan will get kicked out because he really hasn’t played much with anyone other than his brother, so we do have some social graces that will need to be learned?  He has been known to hit and while we have solved this problem at home that doesn’t mean that in a new environment he won’t do it again. What about if Aden takes a toy away from another kid?  Will this be considered assault? Will he be arrested?  What if Evan hits another kid with a toy?  Is he going to go to jail?  Should I start saving up bail money?
I have probably made it sound like my kids are really violent.  They are not.  They are just young boys and they are brothers who are very close in age. They fight.  They are still learning what is and what is not acceptable.  That’s part of growing up, doing stupid shit and learning why you shouldn’t have done the stupid shit in the first place.
My boys have learned that it is really really bad to embarrass me in public.  Things just go better for everyone involved, if they act really good in public.  So, we have had very few instances of tantrums being thrown in stores.  Its only been a total of 3 times in their entire little lives that I have been mortified by their public behavior.  So I am very lucky there. Maybe that will keep them from getting kicked out of school.  Home however is another story.  Evan will jump off anything, throw stuff, jump on the dog and act like a monkey who has drank an entire truckload of mountain dew.  Daily, this is a daily thing.  Aden is a bit more subdued, but sneaky.  He can basically be trusted.  But he is the instigator in most cases.  He likes to tell Evan to do stuff that he knows isn’t allowed.  He will pester Evan until Evan hits him so he can tattle on him.  If Evan is playing with a toy, Aden has to have it.  Typical little boy stuff.  I know I shouldn’t worry to much about them in school,but I do.  The crap we pulled as kids will land you in jail now.

I guess there is no sense in worrying about it now.  But just in case, I am going to start saving up bail money and checking out homeschool programs 🙂 

>Suffering from SSF

>SSF is a growing problem.  I believe that this year it will reach epidemic proportions.  There are no shots to prevent it and only one cure.  Yes, SSF  affects millions of people all over the world, every year.  But we never see commericals about fantastic new drugs, with frightening side effects,  that have been developed to treat the disease. No, like the common cold, people suffer in silence.
It has hit my household very hard this year. 
SSF, more commonly referred to as Severe Spring Fever, is in fact somewhat treatable. 
You can see the masses searching for relief from the terrible symptoms at such places like Home Depot, Menards, Lowe’s and other home and garden stores.  You can spot the sufferers in places like Walmart, by their shuffling feet, vacant eyes, searching over and over for things that just aren’t out on the shelves yet.
Symptoms will vary from person to person and in some cases can be quite severe.  
Symptoms include, but are not limited to;
Constantly looking out of the windows to see if the snow has all melted yet.
Frantic searching of Internet sites looking at “spring” projects.
Drawing up plans for landscaping projects or gardens.
Searching through seed and bulb catalogs, going through stashes of seeds on hand and putting them in the order that you plan to plant them.
Strange urges to pick up accumulated dog crap in your yard the first day it hits 50 degrees (I think that is about 10 Celsius). 
Making unnecessary trips outside.
Wanting to turn off the heat and open the windows.
Planning trips to above mentioned home and garden stores with the intent to look at seeds, bulbs, plants and fencing.
There are just too many symptoms to mention, but beware, this dreadful condition can strike at any time, without notice. 
While the symptoms in adults are in most cases, fairly benign, they can be devastating in children.
It seems to cause destructive behavior, even violence.  It is believed that these symptoms such as breaking an unusually large amount of household items by children are best treated by sending the offending small people outside so they won’t tear the house down. This is exactly what this diabolical disease wants!  But it is alot safer than leaving the affected children inside to wreak havoc on yet another unsuspecting piece of furniture.  
SSF can also affect pets.  Most notably dogs.  It can cause them to run about the house at top speed and crash into things, usually small children who don’t move fast enough to take cover. They also have been know to leap hysterically from one piece of furniture to another, all while running as fast as they can.  
It can be a dangerous time, when SSF has presented itself in your home.  So here are some helpful tips, that may help keep you safe and sane.
Just get out the mud boots, dress the children in old clothes and kick them and the crazy manic dog outside.  Make frequent trips to home depot, menards and lowe’s.  Go to Walmart at least once a week and wander around in the garden center.  Ask everyone you see when they are going to put the gardening stuff out.
The symptoms are however, short lived.  By mid-June all symptoms in the US should have passed.  To be followed by WDSSS (When Does School Starts Syndrome). 
So Best of luck making it though SSF season.  I’ll be at Home Depot 🙂

>Completely Freaked Out

>I have completely freaked myself out!   The Culprit??  Knitting.  I love it!  I can’t believe it, but I really truly do.  It’s freaky.  I have always fancied myself a creative person trapped in a very uncooperative body.  I really would love to be creative, however, I just am not.
Having married into an obnoxiously creative family, I tend to stick out like a sore thumb.
Every single one of them has something they are disgusting good at, a couple of them more than one thing.  We’ll start with my father in law.  extraordinary painter, awesome drummer & singer.  Disgusting really.  When I found out that his band had opened for Aerosmith, many, many years ago, I thought I would just die.  Really, that just floored me.  Then there are his paintings.  OMG.  You have to see them to believe them.  I couldn’t in any stretch of the imagination describe them in a way that would do them justice, so I won’t.  But they are unbelievable.  My mother in law..  What isn’t she good at??  Her cooking is to die for.  I am not talking about one or two dishes, its everything she cooks.  Little bit of Heaven on a plate. My youngest sister in law makes fabulous jewelry!  That’s irritating too, although I do enjoy it when I get something she has made for me.  Even Bill.  He can draw, omg can he draw.  Not just pictures of crap of stuff he sees,  he can draw anything you ask him too.  But designs for building the kitchen, etc.  He does all of that.  Its like living with an architect, which he did go to school for, but I doubt a lot of them can actually build personally what they drew.
Which leaves me.  I would love to draw.  My stick people look deformed.  Writing?  ah maybe but I am really too lazy.  See I get my big ideas when I am in bed, trying to sleep and am really to lazy to get out of bed to write them down.  I am a pretty good cook, most of the time but nowhere near the level of Fran, may her name be praised 🙂  I like to do crafty things, but I have the attention span of a 2 year old, so unless it takes under 3 minutes I will get bored and move on. 
However, this knitting thing is amazing.  I am big on multi-tasking and this is it!.  I can knit while watching tv or refereeing the boys.  I am working on reading while knitting. That in my opinion will be the ultimate.  But right now I am just not good enough at the knitting, but I am working on it.
It just surprises me that I like to do it.   I find myself getting all excited looking at patterns and different types of stitches.  Freaky.  Knitting is so not me.  Or rather I don’t feel like it should be, but apparently it is.  I get so excited thinking about yarn.  Yarn?  It’s right up there with picking out a bottle of wine for me now.  I can’t wait till I can have some wine again.  Stupid medications.  I love knitting like I love wine and chocolate.  Creepy and strange.  Knitting is oddly calming.  I just can’t seem to get over that it doesn’t bore to me tears.  Doing the same thing over and over and over.  
 I am really looking forward to making things for everyone for the holidays. Now the big questions are what?  Since very few of the people who will be getting presents actually read this blog, I feel safe in revealing what I have in mind.  I am sure those people can keep their mouths shut and act surprised when the time comes lol. besides this list is subject to change without notice.

For the boys I am thinking blankets, hats and booties in their favorite colors.
For Rich I am thinking a lap blanket in Red and Black checks.
For Bill  I am thinking possibly camo socks that he can wear around the house, since Sam has this thing about his slippers. Maybe a beer coozie?
For Jana, a slouchy beret style hat with matching fingerless gloves..maybe
For Fran, Hat, headband and scarf maybe still thinking about it.
For Dunkle Phil, Aunt Miss Andrea and Barry….Wine coozies.  I was thinking hats and scarves for everyone, but I saw this pattern and its really way cool, since they like wine I thought it may be a good idea. Maybe the hats & scarves anyway.
And that is all I have come up with so far.  I still have some more  people on the Christmas list, you know who you are 🙂  but still not sure of what to do, so I will ponder it.

I have another doctor’s appointment Friday and I am actually looking forward to the long wait in the waiting room.  I will knit.