>The Blizzard of Oz 2011

>Snow, Snow, Snow.

So they are saying it was a historical snow event.  Duh.   Highways and interstates are shut down all across Missouri and Kansas. We didn’t lose power, yet, I won’t totally relax until the winds die down, but so far so good.  Snow is about 8-9 inches so not that bad, although the drifts are amazing.  Bill had to work yesterday so he left about 3 hours early to make the 50 minute trek to work.  He said the highway was not too bad but there were spots were he had to drive through drifts a few feet high and the visibility was terrible. 
Not sure how he is going to get to work today, it looks like every road out of town is shut down.  Maybe I should go and wake him up so he can start walking lol. 

The boys really want to go out and play in the snow but the temps are terrible right now I think it is about 12 below zero with the wind chill, so that is what we will be dealing with today and tomorrow. 

I think that when Nana goes home Friday I will just try and get along by myself next week.  I still have the babysitter, who does live close by, if I need help in the evening.  But I am doing alot better.  I can get around okay as long as no one expects anything to be done fast lol.
Still really sore and still having some bleeding but the incision is closed so thats a plus.  Doctor still won’t lift  the lifting restrictions so that may prove to be a bit of an issue, but I do have to strong young guys here with me all the time if I need any heavy lifting done.  Nana just needs a break.  I think we have totally worn her out. 

Sam is not happy with the snow.  When she steps off the porch when we take her out, the snow is up to her chest and she has to wade out about 10 feet to get to a place where she can do her business.  Its pretty funny to watch. 

I really don’t have anything witty to post at the moment lol.   Tons of stuff to post about the situation in Egypt, but I’ll do that later.  I really do wish that they would move the protesting a bit further away from the Museum in Cairo. 

Hope everyone is safe


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