>It’s Friday…..Time to shovel out

>So yesterday I saw a news clip of people in KC complaining that their streets hadn’t been plowed yet.  And????  Really this is news?  We only get Kansas City local channels, 3 of them and during the blizzard they didn’t cover anything else that was happening in the world or country. No World Evening news, no mention of the stuff going on in Egypt, nothing but snow.
Fine, I get it, but I have to assume that everyone else was watching the same 3 channels I was.  KC has 250 snow plows, all were working non stop throughout the storm. Did these people miss the bits about I-70 shut down? Or that most of the friggin’ state was shut down???  Actually I think the entire state was shut down, but the maps they use here for the weather don’t go past the Lake of the Ozarks, so we have no idea what was going on with those people who live in Southeast MO.  I am guessing they had some pretty shitty weather too.  My street hasn’t been plowed.  They didn’t even salt during the first part of the storm when we were just getting ice.  Are we flipping out????  No.  Here is what has happened on our street this year.  Everyone just went out and started shoveling.  Everyone helps everyone one else out.  Last year, during the Christmas Eve Blizzard, Bill and 3 of our neighbors had to work together to get cars dug out.  Did we see a plow then….no.  We would probably die from shock if we did see a snow plow.  But no one is bitching about it.  There are alot of roads here, I think we may only have one or two plows for the entire town, I don’t know, not really all that concerned.   I just think that everyone should calm down a bit.  It could have been worse.  It could have been an ice storm!  how quickly they forget how bad it can be. 

There will be school today……I think.  I haven’t seen an announcement closing it.  Nana goes home today.  She will be missed.  The boys really don’t want her to go.  The dog is in love (traitorous bitch), I will miss her too!  Now I have to eat my own cooking.  I am a good cook, Nana is of course better!!!!.

But it will be nice to attempt to get things back to normal.  The boys have been running loose for too long.  To the best of my knowledge they haven’t done a single chore since the day before I had surgery.  That will stop, today.
I spoke with the Doctor yesterday and asked when I could lift 5 pounds again.  Now this is my fault.  I should have been for specific with him. He said yes I can lift 5 pounds now, as long as it doesn’t hurt.  I hung up and realized what I did.  I really wanted to know when I would be cleared so I can lift between 5-10 pounds.  I did call back, he chuckled (he really doesn’t laugh) and said I can lift  5 pounds and push no more than 8, which means I can vacuum, as long as it doesn’t hurt.  I do still have stitches.  Fever is pretty much gone. nothing higher than 99.9 all week, the bleeding is practically non-existent.  Now my only issue is getting tired really fast, which bugs me alot, but I am sure those around me enjoy it.  I tend to bounce around less when I am tired 🙂

Bill officially starts his new work schedule Sunday!  So we’ll be a bit more like normal people. He’ll actually get up with us in the morning… Which means he’ll be able to sleep when the boys are, so he might actually get to sleep.  The boys don’t seem to yell as much when they are sleeping.

Lot’s stuff has happened since the surgery so I think I’ll go and blog about that on another page.  It’s a bit involved and I am still trying to sort things out.
Try and enjoy the snow while its here.  In a few months, we’ll all be bitching about the heat and mosquitoes 🙂


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