>The Economy- Quick fix

>I normally don’t like discussing politics.  But sometimes and this is one of them, stuff really starts to annoy me.  So, today’s rant is about the fucking economy.  This is not rocket science people, I am no math genius and I can figure it out.  First big issue and we’ll use Egypt as an example.  If they want to revolt and I completely support the Egyptian people on this one, revolt.  Go on ahead.  Just leave the museum alone. They seem to be doing a decent job of getting their wishes know, let’s let them take back control of their own country. I actually feel this way about most countries that are unhappy with their government. Put your big pants on and overthrow your government if that is what you want.  Now in some cases, if we are asked to help, fine we should help those who ask.  But if they aren’t asking We should just lend Moral support maybe some training or advice.  That’s it.  Not money,not troops.  Now I know that no one has even mentioned the US going in to ‘help’ in any way.  Let’s keep it that way.  Unless of course it is to help protect the nations treasures.  That I could agree with.  The Museum of Cairo should be protected.  That said, let’s let the Egyptians handle their own business.  Only they know what is best for them.  We have enough crap to deal with, we should be too busy to be sticking our nose in everyone else’s business.
Moving right along.  The economy.  So it sucks, we all get that and yet, no one really seems to be making any big strides at fixing the problem. I don’t see how continuing to send jobs overseas is helping, but like I said, math really isn’t my strong suit.   But I have given this some thought and its really, no really, fixing it is stupid easy and I can’t believe that everyone would rather sit around and bitch about it than fix it.
Here is the simple fix.  2 simple steps.
1. legalize prostitution
2. legalize marijuana
Ta Daa!!!!!! 
Economy all fixed.  Both are not legal now and people are still buying pot and renting hookers.  Legalize it, the government can regulate it and tax it.  Make prostitutes get a license, mandatory health checks, rules , taxes..yada yada.  Prostitution won’t go away, ever. Its always been around, legalize it.  Think of the support jobs it would create.  People to handle the paperwork, booking, scheduling, the possibilities are endless. Legalizing it would make it safer for everyone, especially the women and men to choose that as their profession. I could go on for days but in a nutshell,  Win win for everyone, tons of money for the government.

Marijuana is not legal and people still smoke it.  Now they even make synthetic drugs to mimic it.  That’s a waste of time.  Why not just legalize it, tax it.  Now we have another cash crop.  I don’t think we would have to bother exporting it.  Farm land that is going to waste, could be used, you could make the taxes on it stupid high, hehehe that was funny sorry, anyway, you have once again created tons of jobs and money with no real effort. Farmers could go back to farming.
Sure I would imagine that the first few months there may be a ‘rush’ to buy it, but really how is that different from alcohol?  What is the first thing most 21 year olds do?  Give it the same rules as alcohol. No smoking and driving, no showing up to work zoned.  Easy.  If you tax it enough to make money, but not so much as to create a black market, you have solved alot of issues.  People who legitimately can benefit from the medical uses can.  It may even help with the issue of keeping kids from ever smoking.  I read somewhere that with all the tobacco  nasty campaigns, the rates of kids smoking has seriously declined.  I am not advocating smoking pot, I don’t think everyone should.  But then I know alot of people who shouldn’t drink, at all.  There will always be people who abuse it, but we have researched it for years and while we don’t know everything about pot, we know more about it than we know about this K2 stuff, which I think they will find out is just flat out dangerous because of some of the things they are using to create the stuff.  I don’t think heroin, cocaine, meth, Ecstasy or any other drugs should be legalized, just pot.  Just legalize it and start the campaigns to teach people why they shouldn’t do it.  Just like tobacco. 
But legalized, the government would be creating jobs, in this country.  Farmers could go back to farming, the government can regulate it and tax it.  There are plenty of people who will buy it regardless, but there are also alot of people who won’t.  Cigarettes are legal, alcohol is legal, lot of people choose to do neither.  Some people choose to.  I don’t think that it really will cause a collapse of society.  It will probably be the same people who smoke pot now.  But it might cut down on drug trafficking from other countries.  Hopefully anyway.
Its not a bullet proof plan but it could possibly generate enough jobs and cash to get the economy back on track.    Just a thought. 


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