>So NOAA is saying another storm is on its way.  I have completely stopped listening to local weather people. For the last storm, they were all over the place with their forcasts.  We were told to expect around 4 inches from one channel and as much as 6 by another.  We got around 9.  They also never mentioned the ice.  Whatever.  NOAA is always pretty spot on, so we go with them.  This storm doesn’t look like it will be the end of the world.  5-6 inches maybe. Not that bad.  It will however be a bit cold, 15 below wind chills tonight.  Thats okay really, I will be inside and probably in bed.  Really though, do you notice a difference once it hits 0 degrees??  Wind chill is alot like Heat index.  I know what it feels like, you don’t need to point it out or assign a number to it. Once it hits about 15 degrees I do realize its chilly, 0 degrees and I am well aware that its cold.  I don’t need anyone to point out that it feels like 15 below.  I have felt 45 below 0  (actual temp not wind chill) its cold.  I didn’t really care if it felt like 55 below.  I was freezing my ass off at 0.  Once it hits 90 degrees and it will, it does every year, I am too freakin’ hot. I don’t care if it “feels like” 112.  I’ve felt 112 actual temp too.  I think I had actually started to melt, I know my boots were, really no shit, my boots were melting.  Anyway, don’t tell me what it feels like.  Tell me when its perfect.  I would like the news stations to break in if the tempature is exactly 68 degrees and stays there.  Let me know, so I know to go outside.  I can tell if its raining, snowing, storming or if the wind is blowing.  I know all of this by going outside or by using this bit of magic called looking out the window.  I know, people are awed in my presence because of these spectacular gifts I possess.
But Because I am such a team player, the actual tempature outside, right now is 27 degrees, supposedly it feels like 15 degrees.   I have been outside this is my take.
Its really not that bad right now, as long as you don’t get a gust of wind, then its just cold.  Its cloudy, feels a bit damp.  Big, dark, low hanging, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ sorta clouds, except these are just sitting there.  By my observations, I would suggest, staying inside if and when you can.  See how easy that was.  No special or expensive equipment needed.
I am however continuely amazed, by everyone on TV acting like this never happens.  Yes, Snowmageddeon was a large and pretty nasty little storm, but, ummm it is winter.  We still have almost 2 months left of winter.  Then it will be spring.  It will rain and there will be tornados, hail, 70 mph winds and widespread flooding.  Then summer, where suprise, it will be nice for a month or so, then it will get to hot.  Then Fall and then Winter again.  Its the Midwest, this happens every year, pretty much like clockwork. 
Okay I’m done, I do feel a little better.  I have to blog now.  I have learned I can’t just say things to the TV.  Little ears hear and repeat.  For example…..
Was upstairs and the boys were in their room when I hear a little voice say very forcefully,”Oh My God, what is wrong with you people,  you really stupid”..  I get up and look in the boys room.  Evan has a bunch of dinosaurs and stuffed animals sitting on the train table, yelling at them.  I am not sure what the toys did but apparently it was bad. Once I composed myself, we had a chat about how it is probably not a good idea to say that, Mommy shouldn’t be saying that either.  Oops
As funny as it was, that’s not the worst thing to come out of his mouth.  Aden isn’t really like that.  Its all my mini me, Evan.  From him you’ll hear all sorts of fun phrases, like ‘Damn dog”, Friggin’  dumb ass, Shit, although with that one its  mostly just thrown into a sentence randomly and makes no sense.  My favorite so far is ‘Douche bag’.  I’ll wait whilst you compose yourself.  That’s not something I say, ever.  So it was a bit of a puzzle to figure where he got it.   I have tried very hard to modify my language since the boys were born.  My choice of words has always been more toward the more colorful and descriptive than most people expect.   But I believe I have done very well, considering.  My darling husband, however, has gotten worse.  He never really cussed that much, when I first met him.  I believe I was bad influence.  Now he cusses like a sailor. 
I am convinced that we are now offically out of the running for any parenting awards. 


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