>Too Much to Choose From

>I will admit that over the last 3 weeks I have watched entirely too much TV.  But since I was too stupid to read most of the time I just went with it.  TV and knitting.  Boring.
I did start wishing I had a lap top because I was really inspired on several occasions, on a daily basis.
People are fucking stupid.  I am truly amazed that the population on this planet has grown to the obnoxious numbers it has.  Maybe its just what they chose to show on TV, that is giving me the impression that there are a good amount  of people who, instead of doing really dumb-ass things, should be absolutely thrilled that they are still alive.  Proof, that miracles can and do happen.
Detroit- Man being investigated for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl, goes into the police station and starts shooting at the police.  I don’t think I need to let you know how that turned out for him.   But just in case you, like me are concerned for the safety and welfare of the officers who were there, No officers were killed.  I believe I heard that 4 were injured but are expected to recover.  I really don’t even have a smart-ass remark for that one. Okay, I do.  What the fuck?? Yeah buddy, no one thinks you are guilty now, dumb-ass.  And unfortunately, Mr. Stupid is dead.  So he got away with harming not only the little girl, but 4 officers and the families of all of them. 

Next on the bitch list.  Dude robs a bank and leaves the bank using a woman as a shield.  Slips on ice, woman runs away, cops shoot stupid bank robber.  Okay time for some honesty.  I really could not stop myself from laughing.  He ran right through the cops after the woman.  Then they shot him.  I believe he was the only person injured, actually I believe he died.  Ha Ha
Why would you run toward the cops?

Idiot # 3
Guy in KC is pulled over, he decides that a high speed chase would be a good idea.  A few minutes later he crashes his car.  He abandons the car and goes into a gas station. Asks to borrow the phone. Then he calls 911.  Tells the operator he needs a ride.  The cops being considerably more intelligent, knew he went into the gas station, because they were right behind him.  One of them walks in and tells the guys he will give him a ride.  Another Funny one.

Are humans de-evolving??????  I could see someone doing stupid shit like this if they were oh say, 16-21 years old there abouts.  We all know that its hard to not be stupid before you hit thirty.  Okay, I know for a fact I was a dumb ass right up until about age 28 or so. Still suffer from occasional stupidity, but not on the scale of these geniuses.

There was alot more.  I got alot of great ideas from watching unhealthy amounts of court shows. 
I also watched to much entertainment news.
Heard and saw many disturbing things.  Donald Trump is deciding whether or not he will run for President.  Oprah has her own network.  Why doesn’t  Jerry Bruckheimer have his own network??  Or several?

Trump for President.  Hmmm… Well apparently he’s not to shabby at running businesses.  Not too sure how I would feel about him running the country though.  But Obama hasn’t been in office for very long.  Maybe everyone should chill out a bit, maybe brush up on how our government really works, before deciding  that he’s not doing a good job. 
Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time remembering who the vice president is??  Does he speak?  Maybe I just keep missing him.

I really hate watching all of this TV but I am pretty limited on what I can do still. Thankfully the boys are actually being pretty good.  I just knit and think about why there seem to be so many stupid people running about without supervision.  Maybe its just that there are more people with video phones and we get to see more of them. 

Currently working on a huge blanket.  Its going well.  Thinking about hats and scarves for all the girls for presents.  For the guys, well I am still deciding.  I was thinking hats, but hats are pretty easy to get. so how about knitted tank tops?  maybe tube tops?  Socks???

The boys are loving riding the bus.  Which I need to go and get them ready here pretty quick. Went to the freezer for the first time in over 5 weeks yesterday to get something for dinner.  WOW, someone besides me has been stuffing it with food.  I bet Nana did it. She tends to do stuff like that if she isn’t supervised šŸ™‚  So I couldn’t even get to the stuff I made before the surgery.  Oh well, that just means longer before I actually have to cook. 

Got an interesting phone call last night from a very unique group of folks yesterday.. I’ll blog about that later.  I believe the follow up call tonight should make it even more..let’s go with interesting lol.


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