>Ah how precious..the circle of life


So This fella has decided that our old elm tree in the back yard is the absolute perfect spot for a nest.  For all I know he’s been living there for a while and its only because there are no leaves on the tree now that I can see the nest.  He’s just so cool.  I am calling it a he until someone else decides to check.  I am not checking to see if its a boy or a girl.  We had entirely too many pigeons anyway and this dude is doing some serious thinning out.  Saw him for the first time a couple of weeks ago sitting on the roof of the house across the street, chowing down.  We thought at first he might have been injured.  So we kept a close eye on him just  in case.  Figured if he didn’t move by the time it started to get dark, we’d call fish & feathers to see what they could do.  He’s just fine was just enjoying his meal.  So now we have been seeing him on a daily basis.  My only real complaint is the mess.  There are pigeon feathers everywhere.   It could be worse.  So he’s welcome to stay as long as he keeps up the good work 🙂  But I think that means that we won’t be doing as much trimming of the elm tree this spring as we had originally planned.  I do not want to disturb the nest.  But we do need to get a dead branch off of the tree before it falls on the neighbor’s garage.  I think I’ll call fish & feathers anyway to see if we can do that without disturbing Mr. Hawk.
I love hawks. Actually I love all raptors, but this guy has me a bit stumped.  he only stayed on the ground for about 4 minutes before he took his lunch and left.  So I didn’t get a really good chance to see his back and tail feathers until he took off and that wasn’t long enough for me to figure out what he was.  But I think he is a Red-Shouldered hawk just going by his chest.
If anyone knows different please let me know!  Anyway, I like him hanging out alot more than the skunk and the possum. 

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