>The Weekly Bitch :)

>Well it appears as if the new changes at Bill’s work are not working in the way, we thought they would.  Last night he logged 18 hours, I am pretty sure that before he went to work yesterday he was already sitting at 60+ hours.  So here is a little background, so my bitching makes sense.  The company he works for is a grocery supply warehouse.  He is the shipping supervisor.  Before he was promoted, 60+ hour weeks were fairly common, several times a year, around the weeks when people eat more, holidays and such.  Now they aren’t a really large company, but unlike other companies in this crappy economy, they are still growing and hiring. People still need to eat.  Anyway, they are switching everything around to basically make everything more efficient and better utilize personnel etc.  You get it, I’m sure.  So instead of leaving the house at 1 or 2 pm now he leaves around 10 am.  Instead of getting off anywhere from 3:30 am to 7am he now gets home..oh wait that part hasn’t changed. And there in lies my issue.  He is truly one exhausted dude.  This morning, he rolls in at 4:30 am, drops his lunch box on the counter, staggers upstairs, strips and falls into bed.  He remained awake just long enough to tell me he needs up no later than 10 because he has a meeting this morning.  So the meeting is at 11:30 and who knows how long it will be.  That means he has to leave here no later than 10:30am to get there in time.  Its about an hour each way.  There goes our Friday.  Because this is his Saturday to work.  He used to only work 1 Saturday a month and would get 1 Sunday off a month, on a normal week he is off Friday and Saturday.  Now he just seems to work all the time.  I really hate this for him. He got really used to spending alot of time with the boys the first 2 weeks after my surgery and he thought that this new schedule would help at least with him being able to spend the mornings with us.  With the new schedule he wouldn’t get off work before 10:30 pm anyway but he would be getting up in the morning with us.  I Think.  It confuses me, but then its not hard to confuse me.  So Bill is pretty stressed, frustrated and tired.  He hates making plans with the boys and then having to cancel.  He was supposed to have Superbowl Sunday off, which would have been the first Superbowl he would have gotten to see in over 5 years.  He and the boys planned a Superbowl party.  They were all very excited, especially since Daddy promised to cheer for Aden’s  ‘Cheese Hats”.  That is an entirely other story, but I’ll get to that later.  So ended up no Superbowl party with daddy and Mommy didn’t cut it.  To make up for it, he said he would take them up to Menard’s today to help him get some things.  They love Menard’s because they have a huge play area.  But because of the meeting, no Menard’s today.  Friday is usually errand day.  Walmart, library, etc.  We can’t skip walmart, out of too many things and we’ll never make it till next Friday. So, to make things even worse for him, he’s  going to running around all afternoon. There is no such thing as a quick trip to Walmart. There is a $20 cover and at least an hour minimum, not sure how they do it, but they do. Besides I have books and stuff waiting at the library.  That wouldn’t be such an issue if the Doctor would clear me to walk.  But its about 9 blocks and all up hill coming home so I am pretty sure I shouldn’t just walk lol.
Hopefully, things will get straightened out soon at the warehouse.  I am not bitching so much about the hours as about how tired he is.  So that’s the bitch of the week, I miss my husband and the boys miss their daddy 🙂 but on the bright side he so far isn’t scheduled to work next weekend, so hopefully he’ll be off Friday and Saturday.

About the Cheese Hats.  Aden caught me playing a game called Fate on the computer a year or so ago, when he snuck downstairs after bedtime.  He really loved the game, mostly because you can change your dog into things and you can fish.  So I set him up with this own character and used the cheats to really modify the game so its a little more appropriate for him to play.  He mostly fishes, changes clothes, buys and sells stuff.  When we were doing his character, I used a code to get him a Cheesehead hat’ which he loves.  Apparently someone who designed the game was a packers fan.  So that’s where the “cheese hats’ come from.  He Does love football in general, but if you ask him what team he likes he will tell you his favorite team is “his Chiefs” .  Evan loves the chiefs too, but really likes anyone who wears a blue uniform, Aden just likes people in Red uniforms with the exception being the Cheese Hats.  Mommy still prefers College football.  I like seeing guys play well even though they aren’t getting paid.  I still think NFL players make entirely too much money.  IT’S a GAME.  No one pays when I play a game, even if I am exceptionally good at it.

The Critters are all the same.  Mama is still Fat and Cranky. Gracie is still wandering around the house at night and washing her paws in Sam’s water bowl, Monkey is still Monkey and mostly avoids everyone and everything.  Sam, is well still Sam.  She still thinks the cats want to play with her. So I have come to this conclusion concerning her, puppies are stupid.  She is a pretty smart dog unless cats are involved.  I don’t get it.  But I do have some earrings handy just in case mama cat pierces Sam’s ear again.  Almost a year of this and its the same.  Sam goes back, bugs Mama, mama mutilates the dog.  Dog cries and whines like a baby and then tries it again the next day.  Weird. 


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