>Urban Knitting

>I have no trouble admitting that I am fascinated with graffiti.  It makes waiting at railroad crossings a little less annoying, and we spend alot of time here waiting on trains to go by so we can continue down the road.  I love the colors and the designs.  Now not all graffiti is worth looking at, but every once in a while I’ll see something that is just stunning!  Some of graffiti is just pure art. But it is illegal and bearing that in mind, the real graffiti artist should find a venue that is not illegal.  Enough of the spray paint graffiti, let’s get to what kind of graffiti I am currently in love with.
Urban Knitting aka Guerrilla knitting to me is so freakin’ cool!!!!!
Check this out!

This is an abandoned Gas station  in syracuse, new york

I saw somewhere and I think it was Japan, were someone had covered a park bench.  Now that’s just flippin’ thoughtful! and the knitting on the stair rail?  Also very nice.  It’s colorful, its fun and just seems to make people people smile.

Now personally, I am not at this level of knitting, but I do have aspirations that someday, I may be good enough to do something this creative.  I probably wouldn’t do it in a public place, because this is illegal too I think.  But it would be nice to knit a few trees in the yard, just to spruce up the place a bit. 

The other day, Bill told me I might need to slow down on the knitting, so I don’t run out of things to knit…….  That does not seem like it will ever be an issue 🙂

Wonder what kind of wool they are using???  Acrylic?  Wool?  Some sort of Blend?  What weight?  I just have to wonder, what kind of wool do you use to knit on a tree?  What would the tree like?
Thinking about that ought to keep me busy today.  I’m off for my first trip out of the house since before the surgery.  Well to someplace that isn’t the hospital or doctor’s office, although I will visit the doctor this afternoon.  Hope that appointment goes well, I am tired of sitting on my ass:)


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