>Pat Robertson is an Idiot!!!!

>So yesterday afternoon, Evan was napping and Aden was doing his Jumpstart on the computer and I sat down for an hour of happy knitting.  Not much was on.  I was flipping through the channels and heard a little advert, something about people who “have seen the other side”.  Sure why not, nothing good is on anyway, other than the Talk so I was thinking I could flip back and forth.  So Checked the Talk, commerical flipped back to the other show.  I quickly learned that the other show was in fact, none other than…The 700 club.  AHHHHHHH
Run for your lives.  I didn’t turn the channel, I should have immediately.  I already know that its a stupid show.  I know I don’t like Pat Robertson, I doubt he has changed much over the years.  But, they showed this little boy who was talking about going to heaven and a chic who was saying she had been to hell.  I could not help myself.  I had to stay on the channel.  So they started out with a little global news, unrest in the middle east.  Yes we know, that’s not exactly news.  Nor do I personally believe the ‘unrest’ is caused by all of the ‘heathen’s not ‘heeding’ the word of God.  It was probably a good thing I was alone, because after about 2 minutes I was just livid.  Then they do a segment on Yoga.  That’s nice I thought, wrong.  Did you know that according to Pat and his cronies, Yoga is an occult practice and if you do it, you are going to HELL!!!!  Yes that’s right, Yoga is the work of Satan.  And if you think about it, it sounds just like him!  Trying to get everyone all flexible and healthy!  Damn that Satan!.
WTF Pat! Really Yoga?  It’s stretching and deep breathing. Terrible!  Well you know all of those Eastern practices are Satanic.  Karate is satanic too.  I did not know that.  I thought  it was self-defense.  I didn’t know that people who actually do karate are getting their “power'” to break boards and stuff from Satan. I had always thought it was practice and focus.  I just was not aware.  Apparently according to the Grand Master Idiot himself, all martial arts are Satanic practices.  Yep. 
Personally, I would have thought that they would have brought up Tai chi.  That has got to a Satanic practice.  All of those elderly Asians in great shape, completely healthy, up at dawn.  Very, Very suspicious!. 
(to avoid any confusion, the above was mostly sarcasm on my part, I do not in anyway, endorse Pat Robertson or anything he says, I think he is an Idiot!)
Anyway, I missed most of the Talk, which I later regretted, because really Sharon Osborne is so cute!.
But on to the reason why I was watching the 700 club, which I will never do again.  This is ‘the other side” week or something, so every day they are interviewing people who have died and gone to either heaven or hell and then came back.
And believe it or not Syliva Brown wasn’t on the show at all! I know shocking right.
 So they are interviewing this boy’s parents.  Guess what?  His dad is a preacher…WOW. Didn’t see that one coming. So when the boy was 3 his appendix burst and he died briefly or almost died (they weren’t clear) during surgery and he met Jesus, his grandfather and his baby sister that died before she was born.  Now.  I happen to have a little experience with 3 year olds, they are easy to coach.  If you tell them something enough times they will believe it.  Santa Claus is a very good example of this. Anyway I listened to these “interviews” and was not convinced.  I could go on about why I wasn’t convinced, but I’ll spare you.  But it was typical Pat Robertson bullshit.

So I was in a pissy mood all afternoon, until the boys talked me into making beads with the play dough that was getting all dry and probably only had a few days left.  That was calming. 
But I cannot for the life of me understand why people listen to Pat Robertson. 
Although I can certainly understand why there are some people in other countries, who practice religions other than Christianity, think Americans are evil.  If Pat Robertson is the example they see, it is totally understandable.
I saw nothing on the show that would lead me to believe that Christianity is a good religion.  No ‘Love thy Neighbor’, No kindness of any kind.  There was a lot of “bearing False witness against your neighbor’ . 
I can’t wait to get back to doing Yoga!  I had only thought about getting the boys in some sort of martial art, I am convinced now that they should learn karate or something!
Anyway, I need to move on.  Maybe there is a Tai Chi Group around here I can join.
But Pat Robertson is still an idiot. šŸ™‚


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